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Midlands Spotlight - Lets Bring Back Sophie

By midlandsmovies, May 16 2016 12:35PM

Brand new cinematic webseries “Let’s Bring Back Sophie” premieres next week in Nottingham and Midlands Movies Mike looks into this innovative new project and brings back all the latest news about this creative film release.

“Let’s Bring Back Sophie” explores the dynamics between a group of characters whose lives are changed after the disappearance of a girl in a dysfunctional teenage area in Nottingham. Made by 18-year old Edward Fleming (only 17 at the time of creating the series!) the films combine his passions for both the big and small screens with a cinematic format yet stylised for the web.

With inspiration from Wes Anderson amongst others, each short has a run time of 10-15 minutes and the drama will centre around the efforts taken by the missing girl’s closest friend Robin and a group of local youngsters to discover the truth.

The majority of the film crew all met at Confetti College http://confetti.ac.uk/ including the director of photography, Alex Butler and Kyle Smith (sound) and each episode will feature a different protagonist, allowing the audience to explore the characters’ past and why they found it necessary to help.

The show is almost entirely cast by Nottingham’s Bafta-award-winning Television Workshop, an organisation that raises young East Midlands talent – their most notorious actors being Jack O’Connell (Skins, Unbroken) and Samantha Morton (Minority Report, John Carter). Ian Smith, ex-director of the workshop, plays a lead part in the series too.

The series has a very limited budget budget (£832 to be precise) and a quarter was crowd-funded though Indiegogo and the rest obtained through sponsorship donations from The Nottingham Forest Youth Academy and the Vale of Belvoir Rotary. The series is not only a voluntary passion project for the young director, producer and editor but also a fantastic industry opportunity for the cast and crew.

With the first Trailer landing last month on 8th April, Edward and his cast and crew are looking forward to the Premiere on the 27th May which will be attended by many and features actors Morris Findley (Robin), Lizzie Wood (Ellie), Charles Evans (Thomas) and Charlie Beck (Alexander). The premiere will be held from 7pm at the Nottingham Arts Theatre in George Street. After that, general audiences can watch the first episode online from 1st June.

More information about Edward and the film can be found below and above is the first official trailer so get watching!

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