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Midlands Spotlight - Just Charlie

By midlandsmovies, Nov 29 2015 09:55AM

Tamworth set film “Just Charlie” is a brand new project telling the moving story of a Transgender teenager with a passion for football. Midlands Movies Mike finds out more about this challenging and sensitive drama.

“Just Charlie” originates from the short film, “Something Blue” which was written by Peter Machen and directed by Rebekah Fortune for Seahorse Films.

“Something Blue” was officially selected for the Vegas Film Festival, Boston Film Fest, Oregon Film Fest, Frauen Film Fest, Seattle Translations, Inside Out Toronto and was nominated for Best Short Stoke Your Fires Fest as Best Midlands Film.

In this new film, the plot sees football star Charlie, who is a girl trapped in the body of a boy, rejected by her Father and teammates the film asks if she will ever play football again?

The film is set in the market town of Tamworth, "where everyone knows everyone and where football dominates and the film shows how the characters struggle to understand many things outside of their comfort zones".

Director Rebekah Fortune set up production company Seahorse Films in 2011 to develop a slate of films that actively encourage more opportunities for women. She has completed several other shorts including, Sex Love Other, Grown Up, Mustn’t Grumble, Squidge and Violent Delights. Rebekah has recently completed her first low budget feature, Deadly Intent and has several other projects at various stages of development including The New 30, a female driven comedy, developed with Channel 4 and TV series Dalewitch.

“Just Charlie” attempts to be no ordinary coming of age tale. “Charlie is a girl divided by the wish to live up to her Father's expectations and the overwhelming need to be true to herself. An all consuming desire to embrace her true identity gives Charlie the inner strength to stand up for what she knows to be right”.

Writer Peter Manchen says much of his inspiration comes from political and social issues and his company’s first play Killing Larry was inspired by a middle aged transgender female's story. In 2012 he was commissioned to develop and write a script for young people around the issue of cyber bullying, which was screened at the Odeon.

"Just Charlie" also has an ambassador in the form of Kellie Maloney (born Francis "Frank" Maloney), the former boxing manager and promoter of Lennox Lewis who underwent a very public transition in 2014 and is passionate about raising awareness of gender dysphoria.

The lead role in “Just Charlie” is Patricia Potter who plays of Susan and is best known for her role as Diane Lloyd in the popular BBC medical drama, Holby City. Patricia plays a mother who is struggling to understand her transgender child.

Scot Williams (from the film Backbeat) plays the father in denial of his son’s gender issues whilst Harry Gilby is playing the title role of, Charlie. Taking the very challenging role of playing a transgender teenager, Harry is no stranger to the industry having already starred in the play version of The Full Monty in the West End, in the role of Nathan.

For more information about the film, follow its progress at their website: http://www.justcharliefilm.com

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