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Midlands Spotlight - Jordan Handford Interview

By midlandsmovies, May 5 2015 09:40AM

Midlands Movies Mike speaks to actor-turned-director Jordan Handford about his new film Capricious. From theatre acting to his first foray into film-making Jordan explains the great support he has received on his new striking short.

Hi Jordan. How’s the film going so far?

We have done a couple of rehearsals and one shoot day so far with 23 scenes still to shoot out of 28. On Sunday 10th May we have a shoot planned for another 5 or 6 scenes. After that there are 3 more days of shooting to take us up to the end of May and wrapped on 31st if all goes to plan.

As well as directing the film, you have also written the script as well?

Yes, I co-wrote the short with Niall Browne and with directing and producing I will not be acting in this one. I have all the locations sorted including a florist (Designer Daises in Syston, Leicestershire) but the main story takes place in one house which will be easier to shoot. The film is very much a drama with a tiny element of violence. I wanted to put something together that tested the actors and give them something substantial to work with.

Being an actor as well, I suspect that is an idea you intentionally aimed for?

Yes. With a lot of the stage work I do I am drawn to comedy in the main although I have done drama including The Crucible. I feel more comfortable with comedy on stage but once I started working on film, I had this idea a few years ago I wanted to work on that was more serious. Therefore the film allows the actors to get into their respective roles and tackle the film’s serious issues and themes.

How was the writing process?

We have worked on a few drafts of the script over the last 9-10 months then began rehearsing at the end of March where the draft script was finalised. The week before rehearsals I spent every night for hours and hours reworking the script until I was happy – pending any smaller changes on the set. There were a few holes I needed to fill in and it works much better now and Niall is very supportive of the changes. At rehearsals we then tweaked a few lines of dialogue but it’s always a refining process.

Have you storyboarded the film?

No, we haven’t. I spoke to the director of photography and we have a shot list for the entire film so on the day we know how to film it and I have a very clear vision of what we need to complete.

Excellent - And the film itself? What can you tell us about that?

Well, Capricious stars Andrew Joshi as Sean who actually has no lines of dialogue in the film at all so it is about how he’s going to portray the character through his eyes and facial expressions. When I first had the idea I didn’t intentionally have a character without speaking but it developed that way and he plays off the other people around him. Andrew is great as he is a local East Midlands based actor from the Leicester area and studied at the prestigious Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Can you summarise the story for our readers?

Well, it’s about a family who experience a traumatic event and Capricious is about how they cope with that and deal with the issues as a family. The relationships are really key. The relationship between mum and dad and their individual bonds with their son is something the ‘triangle’ of characters have to come to terms with.

Sounds great. Have you begun editing it yet?

Not yet. We have been looking back at the footage so far and I am very pleased and despite having no budget there is a great cast and crew pulling together to make it work. The rushes so far look great and every character in the film has a really important part so the film will be around 15-20 minutes for the narrative to develop. I don’t want to give the end away as that is a key part of the film but being an actor I want to give the cast something to work with despite the limitations of time that goes with a short.

Finally, what were your influences?

Any film-lover, both as a viewer or someone making them, can bring their own experiences into their projects although there are no direct influences as such. The original idea came to me whilst at work as simply an image of something in a split second. From that the whole project developed. However, I do like gritty British dramas including Shane Meadows’ work and Tim Roth in Broken and I created the film with drama at the forefront. Anything that gives room for actors to breathe and develop a character is something that interests me. I have worked with a dozen directors and you pick up things from each of them as everyone has a different style and over the last few years I have acted in others’ projects all of which has contributed to my understanding of making a successful film. Intentionally moving away from comedy and casting it myself PLUS being behind the camera is certainly out of my comfort zone but it’s been great so far to stretch myself creatively.

Speaking of casting, how did that come about?

Well, I like to give people a chance – especially those with little experience as we all have to start somewhere and being able to help those who want to learn about the industry is really important.

Agreed. I’ve also noticed a lot of young/new people in the Leicester film scene too. From generational stories to films starring and being made by up and coming young people, it seems to be a running theme across a lot of local films right now.

Yes, from the Pauline Quirke Academy to Rhys’ film Finding Richard with David Knight and Holly Jacobson there is a lot of young talent out in the community. Whatever your age though I think it’s important to give something back and help those who need a leg up and get people involved across the city who have an interest in film.

How can people find out more about the film?

We have over 20 really great people involved and we have a Facebook page that is getting updating with all the cast, crew and filming information so please check that out. We’ll be releasing more information as we go along including a release date once we’ve wrapped.

Thank you Jordan and we wish you good luck with the movie.

Capricious Official Facebook page is below:


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