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Midlands Spotlight - Horror Filmmaker Jason Brown

By midlandsmovies, May 21 2015 06:32PM

Jason Brown hails from Nottinghamshire but with his debut feature A Date with Ghosts now selling in stores in the USA, this horror aficionado is a master in scares. Mike catches up with Jason as he prepares for his follow up story...

A Date with Ghosts was a UK independent horror film directed and written by Jason MJ Brown which told the story of a group of friends visiting an old monastery only to find that they are trapped by paranormal forces and then become hunted by undead monks! With a taste for human souls, the twisted tale continues with the group attempting to escape from the clutches of these demonic spirits.

Released by distributors Wide Eye Releasing the film has garnered attention from across the globe and most noticeably in the USA where it is sold in Target stores (large superstore across all of America).

Only in his early 30s, this Midlands local uses his skills as a writer, director and editor to create high quality horrors all filmed around the Nottinghamshire area. With a budget under £2,000 and a production spanning 2 years, A Date with Ghosts was influenced by a wide range of horror masters. As a huge Wes Craven fan, Jason would like to walk in the auteur’s footsteps and has also been influenced by the low-budget stylings of handheld horrors like the Blair Witch Project.

The writer and director has previously made Dead Girl Walking (2010), The Monk (2003) and is now working on his next feature Dark Vale (2015) which Jason says will contain “a vengeful spirit stalking a young couple in a place called the Vale”.

“They have been engaged in daily battle with the evil spirit Lady Lucy”, he adds. Sending chills down this viewer’s spine, Jason’s full profile and background can be seen on the Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB) and we're looking forward to more murderous tales from the Midlands movie-maker: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4809556/

Watch the first teaser trailer over on our front page which covers a fearful fairground ride into the unknown.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DarkVale2015

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/JaymjBrown

Midlands Movies Mike

May 22 2015 08:49AM by Jon Pertwee

well done man..the world needs some fresh scaremongers in their ranks

May 22 2015 05:47PM by Mike Midlands Movies

Nottingham seems to be the home of horror scares right now

MM Mike

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