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Midlands Spotlight - Frettin

By midlandsmovies, Nov 6 2016 10:23AM

Frettin’ is the new film from filmmaker Lee Price and Midlands Movies takes an in-depth look at this exciting new project.

Frettin’ is described as a buddy movie by its director Lee Price but the filmmaker also thinks the feature slots into the mystery genre as it follows the strange tale of two men living off-grid near a canal just a couple of miles from their old lives in society. A human interest story, the characters Jake and Tim centre the narrative and their dialogue covers serious themes of suicide, support with Price adding a father-son-esque dynamic influenced by Steven Spielberg

“My pitch for Frettin’ was a British Midnight Cowboy”, says Price. The lead role of Jake is played by local musician Richard Shields who the director knew from a band before shooting had even began and Craig Spencer was added after Price identified a great good chemistry between the two men. The canals of the surrounding area seemed the perfect place to act as a “rich visual source” for a cinematic story and before too long, Price began shooting his self-written script.

With a story focused on leaving a life behind, Lee Price jokes it may be “the shortest distance travelled in any road movie” but says he was influenced by Hitchcock’s drip-feeding of information whilst creating the screenplay hence the dip into the mystery genre. Frettin’ is also influenced by Robert Rodriguez’s book ‘Rebel Without a Crew’ which is understandable given Price’s solitary quest to write, direct and act as producer on his project.

Hailing from the same town as Gareth Edwards and Ken Loach (Nuneaton in Warwickshire), Price has decided to focus on the local and small but still ensure Frettin’ aims to include universal themes dealing with family, friendship and loss. Price also explains that the characters spoke to him very quickly and was adamant the film used colloquial Midlands dialects to maintain the feeling of closeness.

Costing just £500, Price then threw himself into organising all the logistics of his micro-budget feature but says he is pleased to have struck gold with the inclusion of Bradgate Films to produce his next work.

“Frettin’ is my second feature film and, for better or worse, it’s all me”, says Price and adds that as there’s so little money for filmmakers then why not go for broke and try to implement your own vision. “It’s a pure expression of where I am as a film-maker, emotionally and the technically”.

Currently in the final stages of post-production, Nottingham musician Steve Pinnock is set to add on music and then finally Price will be ready for a big marketing push, adding the final touch to a project he says used a “necessity leading to invention” attitude.

With his third feature Killing With Alice already written and pre-production, Price has moved to Hinckley where he has got involved in the nearby Roots to Shoots festival and even has an eclectic dream he still has yet to fulfil.

“I want to make Gremlins 3 for a big US studio” says Price. “If Joe Dante or Spielberg is reading, I can pack a toothbrush!”.

And a filmmaker who wants to build upon the previous sequel’s fantasy-comedy-horror-family-drama-musical themes is certainly one with big ambitions.”But Frettin’ is unashamedly English, a story based in Nuneaton, the Midlands, and proud of that fact”, concludes Price. And with that, Midlands Movies thinks the director-writer will soon be joining his peers – the alumni of Loach and Edwards – very soon indeed. That’ll do him.


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