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Midlands Spotlight - Five Lamp Films

By midlandsmovies, Aug 18 2016 09:51AM

Five Lamps Films (5LF) was established in 2006 in Derby’s Five Lamps Pub. The group aimed to become a way for local filmmakers to join together to talk about films and to share their work.

5LF works around the idea of ‘an open mic night for films’ – they accept submissions from all filmmakers, regardless or their age or levels of experience possessed. In all of the time that they have been operating, 5LF has only had to turn away roughly three submissions due to copyrighted content appearing within them. This just goes to show the calibre of talent there is out there for anyone willing to look for it.

For everyone to feel as if they have a home to share their work and to see it play to an audience of peers and fans is what the group has always strived to achieve. The thrill of seeing your work on a big screen in front of an audience is something that sticks with you no matter how many times you've experienced it, and 5LF is proud to be a network within which this can flourish.

A decade on from when the idea first came about in a local public house, 5LF is a growing assembly that promotes people’s creativity through film, and currently has an online library with a total of almost 300 films. The idea behind this library is to raise the profile of filmmakers showcased at any events organised by 5LF. If audiences would like to revisit a film shown at a screening, they can find it within this library and will also be drawn to other works by the filmmaker.

As they continue to expand, 5LF holds a number of public events throughout the year. An example of this would be the annual FIVE/24, their 24 hour film competition held in conjunction with Derby Film Festival that spans two days. A day is spent for filmmakers to film their entries and then a screening takes place at a later date. Looking back through the years, it would seem that the competition has only grown in popularity and success, with the number of submissions giving the judges plenty to choose the victors from. The competition takes place on the last day of the festival, and has drawn fans and stars alike, with Derby’s own Jack O’Connell giving a speech there one year.

For the rest of the year, however, 5LF keep themselves busy with the bi-monthly screenings they hold on the final Tuesday of the month at Derby QUAD – the county's home for creativity. The group utilise the 150+ seated Cinema 2, where submission of a film is free with the filmmakers receiving two free tickets for the screening. For anyone to attend the showcase, the entry fee stands at just £2.

Recently, 5LF hosted their latest. Screening with a variety of films being shown throughout the two hour event. The night was a success, and now they look forward to the next screening which is set to commence September 27th. 5LF are now accepting films for the event – further information regarding submissions can be found at fivelampsfilms.co.uk if you are interested.

Kira Comerford

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