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Midlands Spotlight - Finding RIchard

By midlandsmovies, May 8 2014 04:12PM

Midlands Movies Mike searches for the latest local project and discovers a new film that has just been finished. Uncover what 'Finding Richard' - a co-production short between Hive Films and Sawscale Films planned for Cannes 2014 - is all about below...

Director/producer Rhys Davies established Hive Films as a UK based film production company, creating feature films for world wide distribution and theatrical release in 2008 and his first feature release, Zombie Undead, was released in 2011. However, he and fellow writer Doug Cubin (director of The Fort, covered below) have undertaken a fundraising exercise to enable them to produce a new short film.

Finding Richard is about Gull, a young boy who is searching for something but what he finds isn't quite what he - or his Grandad - expected. With filming in Leicester, Midlands Movies suggests the title alone conjures up images of the 2013 archaeological search for the grave of Richad III in a car park in the city along with the scientific analysis of the bones during the excavation of the Church of the Grey Friars.

With the script completed and with the enthusiasm and the sheer bloody-mindedness to do such a substantial task in time for May THIS year, Rhys acknowledges the project is no easy thing! “But with your support, we will get there and present a great short film”, he adds.

"The funds were raised through Kickstarter and went towards covering the costs such as travel and catering for our cast and crew who, God bless them all, are giving their time freely as they too love film".

Rhys and Doug offered Kickstarters a part of this unique experience by letting donors join them on this journey. By helping them donors have received signed photos and DVDs and could even have been an extra in the film - not just one that you can hardly see in a large crowd either! Rhys explains, “You are 100% guaranteed to clearly see yourself on film. Which means you will be on film at Cannes - probably the most famous and prestigious of all film festivals - except those in Leicester of course!”

Promising that every penny was spent to make the best short film they possibly can, Rhys says their greatest challenge was time as submissions for Cannes needed to be completed by March 3rd but luckily they have completed the application and been accepted!

With a great crew and cast with lots of experience - so they know they can do this - but only with YOUR help.

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MM Editor note: This article was updated from an article originally uploaded in Feb 2014

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