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Midlands Spotlight - Discover the truth with the X-mas Files

By midlandsmovies, Sep 9 2016 09:42PM

Midlands Spotlight - Discover the truth with the X-mas Files

Lincolnshire filmmaker Liam Holland calls on his festive bell to speak to Midlands Movies about his first ever feature length animation due for release this upcoming Christmas.

As an avid amateur filmmaker based in Lincolnshire, Liam Holland began his career by studying media at Boston College until 2007. Yet during his childhood and teen years, he had already written, directed and edited several independent films, both short and feature length, with the help of his friends and family.

But now the Midlands animator is about to launch his new film which asks the audience if the they have ever considered if Santa’s sleigh flies owing to alien technology. With that set-up, The X-Mas Files promises a bumpy snow ride with aliens and the CIA and has been influenced by a number of Liam's passions.

"I've been making films since I was 12, but this is the first animated feature I have produced. I love all things Christmas and am very interested in the paranormal too", says an enthusiatic Liam.

"One day I was discussing conspiracy theories with my girlfriend when I joked about if the government knew Santa existed then adapted the story from that idea".

Liam goes on to add, "I have included as many conspiracy theory elements into the movie as possible, for example, the Bermuda triangle and all those unanswered questions. I felt it was important that, just because it's a cartoon, it should not be limited to those expectations that moviegoers have for casual animated movies. I wanted to break boundaries and treat it like a proper live action film".

A Christmas tale in the same dark-yet-light-hearted vein of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, The X-Mas Files is about a young boy called Neil who doubts the existence of Santa Claus.

But after coming across top secret government files in his military father's office, he discovers Santa does exist and aliens are supplying him with very advanced space technology which allows him to fly his sleigh.

Aimed at a family audience in a similar all-ages style to Dreamworks’ Shrek, Liam hopes there is something for everyone to enjoy but states that it's not the traditional style of Christmas movie with the inclusion of extra terrestrials and grown up themes.

"The reason I made it as an animation – besides wanting to try a new route in creative production – is because, with animation, if you can imagine it, it is possible. You are unlimited as to what you can create through the means of animation", says Liam.

Liam's pet project has been supported by a varied crew including freelance animator Julie Hubbard, film composer Thomas Ward and a wide range of voice actors including Jake Dudman, C. Martin Croker, Daniel Ferri and Gabrielle Stein.

With summer sadly now over, the season greetings start early with this charming children's tale with Liam and the rest of the cast and crew looking forward to the film's premiere which takes place in October at the Kinema in the Woods, Woodhall Spa.

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