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Midlands Spotlight - Derelict

By midlandsmovies, May 24 2015 09:47AM

Venomous Little Man Production LTD (VLM) are a multi award-winning film company from the Midlands and have just started production on a new film called “Derelict”. Raising awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder, the film explores the impact of a serious and often neglected condition...

Starring Graham Woodward, Isabelle Paige and Caroline Frewn, VLM are now shooting “Derelict” which is described as a poignant piece of drama that explores the impact of PTSD on an ex-serviceman and his family.

With principle photography beginning on the 18th April, the production company hope to be completed by the beginning of June. The first shoot was over the weekend 18th – 19th April 2015 in an underpass near Redditch Train Station.

The film also features support from ex-royal marines, Philip Blundell and Oliver Wilkins who arrived in full kit and play a crucial role in the film. “Derelict” originated from an idea from Carl

Braid (SFX/Editor) which was then then developed by bestselling author/screenwriter, Dave Jeffery and award-winning director, James Hart.

James began making films in 2013, having worked on five projects in that time. His first short film, “Ascension” earned him the Best Director Award at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival and Best Film at the Worcestershire Film Festival. “Ascension” has also been screened at several Film Festivals in 4 countries.

Of the five film projects undertaken, James has directed four, produced three and served as cinematographer on two. He continues to work closely with his production partner, David Jeffery, and has played an important part in the creation of story and narrative in all of the production company's projects.

“Derelict” is not only a creative endeavour, but the company hope that once the film is completed it will then be offered for free to charities dedicated to supporting sufferers of PTSD. It will also be submitted to contemporary film festivals at both national and international levels.

With special thanks going to Redditch Borough Council and the security staff from the Kingfisher Centre as well as the local Police and Fire Brigade for their support during the production of the film, the company thanked everyone for all the support given so far in helping to get this unique film underway. For more information on up and coming VLM projects see their official website below:


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