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Midlands Spotlight - Darkwave

By midlandsmovies, Aug 23 2016 06:24AM

New writer Kira Comerford speaks to Lincolnshire filmmaker Darren Scales who is currently filming Darkwave: Edge of the Storm. After the success of his previous movie The Drift which Midlands Movies covered here there are high hopes for this original sci-fi short set in the same universe. Due for release Autumn 2016, Kira finds out more...

After the significant and quite surprising success of his first film, The Drift, writer and director Darren Scales is gearing up for the release of his second film, Darkwave: Edge Of The Storm. The film is a project very local to the Midlands. It was filmed in Louth and the Lincolnshire Wolds, with post-production being done with students from the university of Lincoln. It is only the very final stage of post-production that has taken place further afield at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.

But what is the Darkwave? Well, in this world humans are no longer able to travel faster than the speed of light due to the disablement of special starlight crystals. This separates families and as people are left strewn across the galaxy, they are sadly unable to get back to where they've come from. Besides being a travel aid, starlight crystals also have other special properties that can only be accessed by certain people known as organics.

Due to their powers with the crystals, organics are very powerful beings, or had been up until the Darkwave. However, now that the starlight crystals are no longer functioning, they have lost much of their power and whilst they are currently not as big as threat as they had been, the Ministry is intent on hunting them down while they can. One family is alone in the universe with no choice but to do all they can to protect their son, Ben, who is one of the organics the Ministry is searching for.

With this set up, director Scales had a surprise hit with his first film (The Drift) receiving 430,000 views on YouTube with little or no advertisement – something that the Scales himself is very pleased with.

“It really is a calling card film - we just want people to watch it, to like it and to share it. In the long-term, we’re not looking for crowdfunding, it's major investors that we want, but they'll only give us the money it they know the film will be popular".

Darkwave is all set for release on YouTube come September 16th. Everybody involved is very much hoping for the same levels of success that were experienced with its predecessor.

“It is then that we will be able to go to studios in London and stand a chance of being taken seriously.”

The entire plot and concept of the franchise composed by Scales comes from his former life in the Royal Air Force. “I used to think with all the new planes that we're coming in all the time, what would happen if all the oil ran out? What if it just ran out right this second? What are we going to do about it? Then I thought of that situation, but in space. Obviously space is bigger, so it would be a bigger problem then. That’s where the whole concept of the Darkwave came from.”

So what could this film lead to, beside, hopefully, attention from production studios? The answer is another sequel. “This film acts as bit of a teaser trailer for the next film which will focus on The Phoenix spaceship. I’ve always had a fascination with flight – I first built The Phoenix out of Lego when I was seventeen and have always envisaged it very much as Knightrider in space.” The next film after Darkwave will look more into the origins of The Phoenix and will be another story set in a different part of the same universe at the same time.

Check updates at the film's official website here: http://www.darkwavepictures.co.uk/

Or follow on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/DarkwaveEOTS

Kira Comerford

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