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Midlands Spotlight - Crying Wolf

By midlandsmovies, Mar 11 2015 06:46PM

Midlands Movies Spotlight - Crying Wolf

Derby based company MonoStereo Productions tell Midlands Movies about their new film “Crying Wolf” which is set to begin principle photography in late March.

Starting their first major short film, MonoStereo (based in Derby) will soon be shooting in locations across the Midlands with a local crew of 15. A large cast of 11, many of whom made it through several rounds of applications and auditions, will work with director Jason Rivers who is “looking forward to working with such a diverse and talented group of Midlands based actors”.

Cry Wolf’s story follows an 18-year-old girl called Alex who refuses help from her peers and is reluctant to let people into her life, especially men. As a youth basketball player, her coach is concerned about her missing friend Charlie but Alex is distracted by the attractive assistant coach James. However, she soon begins to worry and ends up working through clues around her friend's disappearance, becoming an amateur detective in the process. She uncovers some hidden truths but by finally letting people in she undoes her own chances of survival by putting herself in ever-increasing danger.

With a cast including Eleanor Kingsley as Alex, Richard Buck as James, Mik Horvath as Chris and Amethyst Gostlow-Crossley as Charlie amongst many others, this upcoming project is MonoStereo’s first major production with their previous work being mainly micro-shorts. This has helped the team’s working practices by finalizing the crew’s techniques and group dynamics.

Shooting is planned for 4 days between 29th March and 1st April with postproduction to follow and a targeted release date for the film is set for July.

Even with some team members being university-based, the company are clear that they are not a student production team as the work is planned for a wider release and not just for a module or course.

“We make films because we want to tell those stories and see what we and the film can do and lead to for all involved”, continues Jason.

Formed in April 2014 to develop some basic documentary interviews, the team is made up of likeminded individuals who donate their time, equipment and expertise to collaborate and work on creative film projects.

For further information about the production of the film and its release check out their Facebook page below or email MonoStereo Productions on monostereofilms@gmail.com


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