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Midlands Spotlight - Crossing Paths

By midlandsmovies, Aug 24 2015 05:54PM

Crossing Paths (2015)

Produced and directed by Derby filmmaker Ben Bloore, whose previous short The Hidden Truth we reviewed at the start of the year (click here to read), shooting is about to begin around the county for his next short film.

Titled Crossing Paths, the film is written by Ben Fowkes (who also produces and co-wrote The Hidden Truth as well) and the experienced crew also includes Director of Photography Neil Oseman and Camera Assistant Jonathan Butler.

With a tagline “Everything Has A Balance”, the plot sees a woman sat alone on a bench called Alison (played by actress Michelle Darkin Price) who is approached by a stranger named Matthew (Nigel Barber). However, after exchanging in conversation she soon learns that their encounter may not be all it seems and strangely, may not be completely by chance.

The film will feature costume designs from Sophie Elizabeth Black who has worked on many Midlands productions and the film will also contain an original theme song. This theme will be written & performed by Derby singer-songwriter Annabelle Bartram which continues the film’s local flavour whilst the soundtrack has been composed from slightly further afield by Belgium musician Peter Baert.

Click here to check out Annabelle's music

The cast is rounded out by Tina Harris (who plays Lorraine) and Mark Tunstall (as Sean) and along with his long term friend and film collaborator Ben set up B Squared Productions with Ben Fowkes.

And the crew also features still photography by Dan Lord, Colin Smith (gaffer), lighting assistant Colin Stannard, sound by Robert Brown and make-up artist Katie Jane Ford.

This independent filmmaking group enjoy making a wide range of short films and love to tackle any genre and with shooting planned for Saturday September 26th & Sunday September 27th Ben asks for people to please keep an eye out for stills, interviews, posters and trailers that are all due very soon.

To follow the path of the production and to get updates of the film please check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crossing-Paths-Short-Film/697385557065699?fref=ts

For a full run down of the background of those involved please read below:

MICHELLE DARKIN PRICE Talented local actress Michelle, has starred in several Indie films including the award winning House of Afflictions. She can also be seen in the TV soaps, most recently working on Emmerdale. Michelle joined the cast of Crossing Paths in May and is very excited to begin shooting in September, playing the female lead, 'Alison'.


A talented actor who received a Nottinghamshire Next Stage Diploma in Acting 94-96, Phil has appeared in many projects over the years. Most recently he starred in a 2014 film by the Newark and Sherwood Civil War Project made by Carolina Giammetta

TINA HARRIS A lovely, talented actress Tina Harris is currently involved in several projects from local ones to dramas on BBC ONE, including Danny And The Human Zoo in which she plays Majella Riordan which premiers Monday August 31 (Red Production Co for BBC). She also plays Ivy Tulloch in BBC's From The Cradle To The Grave which airs in September. Tina has also just been cast in a second series of Sally Wainwright's critically acclaimed Happy Valley series.

B Squared approached Tina regarding the role of Matthew's partner, Lorraine. After sending her the script they met with her and discussed her role over coffee and to our delight she said yes and joined the cast at the end of July

ANNABELLE BARTRAM Annabelle Bartram first started playing the guitar around 2 years ago when she was 15... She then began gigging a year later and she's been doing that for just under a year. Anna's trying to make music loved by all ages. Inspired by musicians like Ed Sheeran, Amy Winehouse, Joni Mitchell and many others like them.

Ben Bloore was first introduced to Annabelle's music by a chance meeting at The Book Cafe in Derby when he was dining out with family. Taken a back by her amazingly chilling vocals, Ben approached her asking if she'd like to do a song for the film and she said yes. Ben Fowkes and Ben Bloore went to meet Annabelle and her mother at their home where Annabelle played the films theme song for the very first time. They were so taken a back that it gave them goosebumps, they can't wait for audiences to hear her song that will accompany the films score.

MARK TUNSTALL A local actor, Mark Tunstall has appeared in several local and BBC dramas. From Life On Mars, Sweet Medicine, Doctors and a long time presenting PriceBusters. Locally Mark recently appeared in a short docudrama called Locked Out where he played the sinister Clerk Of The Court. This is where the two Ben's were first introduced to Mark and his great, villainous features impressed them both.

B Squared met with Mark Tunstall after sending him the script and in August, he signed on to play the role of Alison's boyfriend Sean.

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