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Midlands Spotlight - Creativ Studios in Leicester

By midlandsmovies, May 23 2015 11:08AM

After a successful screening of their action thriller "Survival Instinct" at the Derby Film Festival earlier in May, Midlands Movies catches up with the new projects of Creativ Studios.

Creative Studios is a Leicester based production company run by Steve Lawson who has been writing and directing films since 2002. Specialising in action, thrillers and horrors their titles aim for the direct to DVD and VOD markets and the team a rolling schedule developing two or three features at a time.

Director Lawson is inspired by filmmakers such as Roger Corman and Charles Band and although based in Central England, creates feature films for the international market across the globe.

His last film “Survival Instinct” had inspiration from thrillers like “Duel” and “Deliverance” and this fast-paced edge-of-your seat ride starred Jay Sutherland and Helen Crevel as Thom and Stacey. The couple are on a road trip in the Peak District, Derbyshire, when their car breaks down and Stacey encounters two locals. Stacey is then pursued across the dangerous terrain culminating in a deadly showdown at the film’s climax.

With an entusiatic response at the Fantastiq Weekend (the horror part of the Derby Film Festival) the cast is rounded out by Andrew Coughlan, Sam Smith, Glenn Salvage and Isabella Nash.

Distributed in the UK by 88 Films, Steve hopes the success of that film will lead to bigger things with his new project. His next feature is “Killer/Saurus” which is due out on DVD on 6th July and tells the story of a disaster which befalls a science lab when an experiment to bio-print a dinosaur goes awry. After the research team are massacred, a military organisation re-opens the project to create a living battle weapon. – a full size T-Rex.

Get your first full glimpse of the film when Creativ Studios presents the first international trailer for audiences before Midlands Movies’ screening of Jurassic Park at Firebug Film Club in Leicester on 10th June. Find out more about that exclusive event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/691284314308769/

For more information about all of Creativ Studios’ future film projects then click on the links below.

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Survival Instinct on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/survivalinstinctukhorror

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