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Midlands Spotlight - Checking In

By midlandsmovies, Nov 3 2014 08:31PM

Midlands Movies Mike checks out “Checking In”, a new feature from the West Midlands set in a hotel as we follow the highs and lows from a number of guests' viewpoints. Right this way....


Filmed over 2 years through 2012 and 2013, ‘Checking In’ only just finished post production in April of this year and was shot entirely at Baron's Court Hotel in Walsall, just outside of Birmingham.

The film delves into the lives of numerous guests around the establishment over the course of a 24 hour period on a random average working day. Told through the eyes of maid Radka (Nici Preston) & Alec the Manager (Roger David Francis), a range of guests will make you laugh, make you gasp while some will make you think.

Bringing together a host of amazing actors and crew, the team finally got to see the movie at the Lighthouse Cinema on May 12th with feedback being overwhelmingly positive.

The makers are incredibly proud of their achievements and are currently entering the film into festivals worldwide and made the film on a very limited budget whilst bringing in favours all over from friends, family and the local community. The films has 6 directors each taking different segments of the story and one of the directors, David Hastings says the themes cover “homosexuality, marriage, dreams and comic con!”

“We have been very much inspired by the public encouragement which has helped further us through our journey”, adds David. “We have worked very hard also with local colleges to make sure media students were heavily involved with on-set duties, to help them get experience for their own CV content, helping them in the process”.

With such a great community spirit the film’s anthology structure lends itself to a collaborative nature and please check out further details about the film and it’s cast and crew at their website http://www.checkinginmovie.co.uk

For press enquiries, please email dave.lightbeamproductions@gmail.com or kaushy@patthebullfilms.com

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