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Midlands Spotlight - Boz Dimond

By midlandsmovies, Jan 17 2015 01:22PM

Midlands Movies Mike speaks to Boz Dimond about his upcoming short film Jinxed and his long relationship with the creative industries. Mike chats film, gangsters and more with the ambitious filmmaker...

Since heading to art college back in 1996, Boz Dimond always had an eye for detail and a passion for film. But unlike most conventional filmmakers, Boz never attended university or film school but had always felt an affinity to the industry and at the tender age of 17, penned his first screenplay.

After putting his pen to one side to focus on his passion for music, Boz spent the best part of 10 years creating tunes and developing his technical and musical skills but never lost interest in film.

Although a far off ambition back then and the prohibitive cost of movies still being shot on film – thus keeping it out of the realms of most regional artists - Boz then attended the Hay on Wye Film School where he met writer/director Bruce Robinson (Withnail & I, The Rum Diaries) and things finally changed.

Boz, forever a passionate film enthusiast, then found a natural move into filmmaking and used his passion for the alternative and love for both movies and music as a new playground as an emerging artist.

“I enjoyed Brotherhood of the Wolf and anything Tarantino does”, explains Boz now he has two short films under his belt.

“I am proud that Jinxed has become an official selection at the Beeston Film Festival in Nottingham whilst my other short, Our Hands Are Tied, is currently in post-production”,

Boz goes on to say,

He has also written his first feature called The Target which is currently in development with TestaRossa Productions. This spy thriller genre flick is set to be made in 2015-16 and Boz has many more ideas bubbling at his production company Diamond Flicks.

“I also have an idea for a character called Charlie Vegas who is one of the strongest characters I have written and I want to explore him in future projects inlcuding a film I penned called Villain. I would also love to go back to the old school British gangster movies like Get Carter and another film titled Villain which starred Richard Burton”.

“With their colourful language and strong stories, I see them as an antidote to the current crop of poorly made/acted straight-to-DVD crime films that are being made in the UK at the moment”.

With Jinxed being selected for inclusion in the Los Angeles Independent Film Awards, Boz is working with producer/editor Lawrence Donello (Trance, The Devil's Whispers) in making all his future projects a success.

Midlands Movies Mike

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