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Midlands Spotlight - Birmingham filmmaker Duaine Carma Roberts

By midlandsmovies, Apr 26 2017 08:12AM

Midlands Feature - Birmingham filmmaker Duaine Carma Roberts

Midlands Movies features Birmingham based filmmaker Duaine Carma Roberts and his upcoming sci-fi short Graycon.

Running the past 3 years, Duaine Roberts set up CarmaFilm in the West Midlands and it was not too long before the talented filmmaker had attracted the talents of Birmingham cast and crew to make his first films. First up he created a mystery-drama called Curiosity Calls whose success was followed by a drama Cleo’s Choice.

The filmmaker jumped into both projects with two feet as rather than shorts, he created hour-long films with Cleo's Choice also entered into the Black International Film Festival. This prestigious event is part of the MVISAs which take place annually in Birmingham. Both films are also available to watch via the CarmaFilmUK account on Vimeo and Midlands Movies is pleased to include the full feature Cleo’s Choice here on our site.

Roberts’ new film Graycon is a short drama, with a hint of sci-fi,about two inventors who start work on a time device in hopes that it can reverse personal tragedies for them. They face challenges from people in the film who would rather have the device for their own personal gain.

It stars local talent Andre Pierre, April Nerissa Hudson, Adaya Henry, James Edge, Romayah McCalla, Ackeem Gibbs and Nisaro Karim. Most of these actors have performed in theatre as well as having a variety of TV credits.

More recently, Adaya Henry won Monologue Slam and is part of Channel 4s new scheme to work with talent in Birmingham which Duaine is particularly pleased about.

With a premiere of Graycon planned in for the Autumn film festival season, Duaine is well on his way for further accolades and is one to watch in the exciting world of West Midlands film.

Please check out the film above and follow progress of Graycon here https://twitter.com/CarmaFilmUK

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