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Midlands Spotlight - Beneath Still Water

By midlandsmovies, Jun 5 2015 12:24PM

Midlands Movies chats to Philip Kempson, the director and producer of a new local feature called Beneath Still Water.

Currently filming historical sequences in locations around Staffordshire and Leek Moorlands this new film is taking inspiration from horror-chillers like What Lies Beneath, Don’t Look Now and The Woman in Black.

Based on the legend of Blake Mere Pool, the filmmaker hopes to take his love of horror spooks, creepy atmospheres and scary jumps to Beneath Still Water and is working with writer/producer Steve K Beattie to arrange two (!) premieres of their film at different ends of the country.

With talented actors getting involved from across North Staffordshire, Philip says the film will tell the story of a legend in which a woman accused of being a witch is then drowned by her community. Jumping back to the present day, we then follow a group of an activity weekend in the Moors leads to strange events and stories about a mermaid who lures men to their deaths in Blake Mere Pool.

With the group trying to find out why, Philip explains that the film is a crowd-funded project that he hopes will bring attention to the area.

“The local myths and legends that surround Blake Mere are our starting point”, says Philip. “We’re shooting a lot on the moors and the film is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the legend and promote Thorncliffe too”.

Having been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, Philip lives in Stoke on Trent with his wife and children. He started out as stage crew for the theatre royal Hanley in the 80s and developed a love for stage and screen. Philip then went on to be a projectionist for Warner Bros and MGM in the End and now devotes all his time in bringing the movie industry to his local area with corporate films and successfully producing new plays.

Working alongside Philip is Steve K Beattie who also lives in Stoke and whose speciality is horror and is currently writing the film along with Philip. One of Steve’s short stories “The Voice Within” has been included in the anthology ‘Impossible Spaces’ alongside horror maestro Ramsey Campbell.

For more information on the film please check their Facebook page and CM Production page as well



Midlands Movies Mike

Apr 28 2016 02:15PM by Philip Kempson

Hi, We are close to finishing Beneath Still Water..
Here is the link to the trailer...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE4LWFdIaoU

Jun 5 2016 01:00PM by Alan Ratcliffe

Here is the latest trailer

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