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Midlands Spotlight - Beeston Film Festival awards new prize money for filmmakers

By midlandsmovies, Oct 29 2016 09:05AM

Midlands Movies editor Mike Sales finds out more about the exciting Beeston Film Festival which heads into its third year of attracting the latest short films from around the globe.

The festival builds slowly each year but has become an essential festival date in the calendar for up and coming Mildands filmmakers in its home in Nottinghamshire.

The Beeston Film Festival is now a regular annual event and as the organisers still feed off the success of the highly praised 2016 awards earlier this year, they have not rested at all in their goal to bring a bigger and better event to the region in 2017.

Running from the 9th to the 12th March 2017, the festival has some fantastic new plans for their event in Spring next year. Firstly, the festival has introduced a new Three Counties category. This particular set up will allow dedicated filmmakers from Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire to showcase their work specifically.

The films can be of any genre and this category is also split into two distinct sections for longer films (up to 15 minutes) and an award for shorts (up to 5 minutes).

Secondly, although the Beeston Film Destival offers up the magnificent B’Oscar for award winners, this year the organisers are offering a range of prize money for winners in their competition too. This brilliant announcement will help filmmakers from the Midlands - especially given the struggles of small independent production companies in securing funding for their projects.

The organisers have teamed up with the Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund (MMBF) which is a Nottingham based international charity that aims to support a whole generation of filmmakers, actors and creatives. Through varied schemes they attempt to raise raising as well as educate educating young people within the arts.

The MMBF are planning to award two financial prizes for the Three Counties category with the ‘Long’ entrants standing a chance of winning a £150 prize, professional mentoring, plus the physical award and other perks. In addition, the shorts section winner will see a £50 prize and a physical award.

Simon Phetter, Business Development Manager, MMBF Trust explains the background to this new partnership. "We are supporting the Three Counties Competition because we are Nottingham based firstly and we love encouraging local talent through such demographic driven competitions as they allow greater impact."

And it doesn’t stop there. For the very first time the festival will now be over multiple venues with The University of Nottingham’s Filmmaking Society hosting the opening night in their Student Union building. This will feature the Three Counties programme whilst the remainder of the festival will take place at The White Lion Bar and Kitchen as tradition from the festival’s earlier years.

The organisers hope one more perk will encourage filmakkers to submit and enjoy the festival by making their entry fee double up as their admission to the whole On-Line Festival too. Filmmakers will be able to watch the competition in their category of submission and enjoy the talent in all the others. The On-Line Festival presents films that are accepted into ALL the festival’s categories. This includes drama, comedy, horror, documentary, animation and the local Three Counties competition. The On-Line Festival will be available for 3 weeks after the festival in Beeston.

Further prizes will be awarded for Best Director, Best Script, Best Cinematography, Best Acting Performance, Best Soundtrack & Sound Design and an Audience award.

Phew! With a great new set of plans plus the expertise built up since the festival's launch, the 2017 Beeston Film Festival is definitely a date not to be missed.

For further information please visit their official festival site at http://festival.beestonfilm.com

Midlands Movies Mike

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