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Midlands Spotlight - Amber

By midlandsmovies, Jan 12 2016 04:23PM

With an entire cast and crew from Nottingham, new short film Amber from director Theo Gee has squeezed the life out of every last penny available to him to make his debut. Midlands Movies Mike uncovers more about this region-set psychological thriller.

Amber has been directed and co-written by Theo Gee who has come through the University of Nottingham as a third year psychology student to make his first film. In between taking exams, revising and writing dissertations, this unusual route has not stopped the 21 year-old from balancing his educational life with a passion for movies.

Although by no means traditional, neither Theo and his co-writer Ian Bousher had ever worked on a film before so they took their £500 budget and did what all great filmmakers do and stretched it as far as they could for their first endeavour.

“We hope this film is a testament to the idea that hard work, talent, a smidge of luck and relentless determination can overcome the obstacles presented to us”, says Theo.

He goes on to add, “Studying psychology has given us both a very unique, mature and insightful perspective on people's minds. This short film aims to explore a very unique situation and the development of 2 very unique psychological disorders”.

The cast come from the highly respected Actor’s Workshop in Nottingham which is also heading into new territory by starting its first ever show on Notts TV. Their new show “Sketch Up” can be seen on FREEVIEW channel 8 all over the region.

Writing and directing the short was a challenge but Theo believes it stands up to multiple viewings where “someone could watch it once and then just have to watch it again”.

Theo encourages people to watch again in order to “try and pick up on all the small details which might hint at the surprising ending”.

Story wise, Amber shows one event which leads to a routine robbery drastically falling apart. With a scared witness gagged on a sofa at her own home, the film builds tension as characters heatedly argue over what to do with her. This is made all the harder as ulterior motives start to bubble to the surface.

With fellow students James George Oshoba (Director of Photography), Leonard Garner (Editor) and Producers Connie May Harris & Theo himself again, Amber has a youthful and energetic team on board. Actors Chloe Crump, AJ Stevenson and Tori Hope are in key roles making this a film that will hold its own with more experienced filmmakers from the region.

The short can be watched on the VIMEO link below:


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