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Midlands Spotlight - Actress Hayley Davis

By midlandsmovies, Dec 6 2014 09:58AM

This month Midlands Movies features Hayley Davis, an up and coming actress from Birmingham who has a wide range of talents on her CV. Read more about Hayley below...

Hayley Davis had had a portfolio career where performance and writing make up the bulk of what she does having created work for the stage and the small screen. As a member of Equity, Hayley started her journey by gaining a degree in Performance at the University of Bedfordshire before moving to London where she continued to train in her field.

Developing her trade she spent time undertaking courses at the Central School of Speech and Drama and the Actors Centre, before completing a year at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.

Hayley has also frequently collaborated with http://www.fresholdtheatre.co.uk to develop and perform new work which has included the shows The Rebel Dolls, Would Like to Meet and Dusa.

A film in which a girl gets ready for a date was the simple premise of ‘Would Like to meet’ and this will soon be followed by Hayley’s next project which is a short film called ‘Get out Clause’ with production beginning in the Summer of 2014. Hayley describes the new short as a film where “the simplest thing can make you re-evaluate your life. In this case, it’s a close encounter with a delicious chocolate bar!” Edited by Fabrice Millet, Hayley stars with Laurence Saunders who gets to plays Pete who has also been seen in Eastenders and rubbed shoulders with Matt Smith of Doctor Who fame: http://www.laurencesaunders.co.uk

To watch the Get out Clasue please click here http://mshayleydavis.com/screen/get-out-clause/

Going back to Hayley, the last few years has also seen her starring in promotional campaigns for the NHS as well as a national televised advertising campaign. In the past Hayley has also starred in ‘Awkward’, a film she describes as covering those periods “when it feels like your life is going down the pan and nothing is going right and you’re wondering where it all went wrong?” However, there is a twist in the tale as Hayley continues, “...then you bump into someone that you haven’t seen for years who wants an update”. Awkward indeed!

To find more about Hayley and her projects and previous roles at her official website here where you can get in touch about her films, work and future projects http://mshayleydavis.com

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