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Midlands Spotlight - Acid Daemons

By midlandsmovies, Nov 28 2015 10:34AM

Directed by local filmmaker Rhys Davies, 'Acid Daemons' is a new independent horror feature film about to begin shooting in Leicester and produced by the city’s creative Hive Films.

Hive Films are a UK based film production company who create feature films for world-wide distribution and theatrical release and their new film focuses on a new legal high that hits the UK rave scene.

The plot sees a teenage girl disappearing and her brother suspecting that the daemons they glimpsed in that world might be more than drug induced hallucinations. The strong recreational drug seems to unlock vivid and sensual visions but some users find themselves peering in on a nightmarish parallel reality.

Set on a decaying housing estate, the brother takes a massive dose of the drug and re-enters the parallel world but the movie questions whether in his attempts in rescuing his sister, has he left the door open between two different worlds?

Established in 2008, Hive films’ first feature, ‘Zombie Undead’ was completed in 2010 and was followed by ‘How To Make A Movie For 43 Pounds’ . Alongside ‘Acid Daemons’, Hive films are also working on ‘The Desolation’ which has a plot where a “psychologically disturbed ex-soldier’s convalescence in a desolated cottage descends into insanity”.

Director Rhys Davies has also seen local success in the region with ‘Finding Richard’ - a short film starring the sixth Dr Who Colin Baker which received its world premiere at Cannes 2014.

Rhys worked with author Rod Duncan to write the film’s fantasy/horror script and is currently working with the film’s diverse crew to raise funds as production begins. Starring as the brother Cooper is regional actor Kieran Hardcastle (See our interview here) whilst the unique almost steampunk aesthetic is designed by Kate Unwin.

In addition, the film’s special F/X and makeup is being seen over by well-known Stuart Conran who has worked with legends such as Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Edgar Wright.

The crew is rounded off by Doug Cubin and Kris Tearse (second assistant directors) Patrick Waggett (assistant director) Peter Collins and Patrick Durdey (sound recordists) Peter Banks (gaffer) and Mbili Munthali (camera operator).

For more info on the film and its production check out the video above and the official social media pages.

Vimeo Promo: https://vimeo.com/145054072

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AcidDaemonsMovie/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/AcidDaemons

Hive Films: http://hivefilms.co.uk/about/

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