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Midlands Spotlight - 10 Grams

By midlandsmovies, Sep 23 2015 04:11PM

Midlands Movies Mike chats to Gurps Sidhu who is promoting the release of his latest film from the region. Does this “weighty” film have what it takes in the action stakes? Read on to find out more.

Gurps Sidhu’s new film is 10 Grams (2015) which has recently been released was shot entirely in the local areas of Derby. Gurps is not wasting any time getting the film out to the public as the main release for the film was in United States and Canada on cable TV.

With that success, 10 Grams has been subsequently released on DVD in North America too. An American distributor called “Sector 5 Films” distributed the movie and in April of this year the film was released on DVD throughout the UK.

Influenced by both modern and classic action and gangster flicks, Open Image Films’ 10 Grams tells the story of Charles Willis who appears to be a successful, hardworking defence lawyer as well as a loving husband and father. However, another side to Charles is only known by a select few. His little secret is that Charles is part of a major European drugs distribution chain and against his better judgement spends a lot of his time and money on high class escort girls and frequenting gentlemen's clubs.

Drinking expensive champagne, Charles likes to give the impression he has a lot of power and money. But that all goes wrong as the movie progresses.

Gurps goes on to say that this is a film about two-sides as after the murder of one of Charles’ couriers he recruits replacements in the form of 2 brothers who he has represented as a lawyer in the past.

As the brothers break the rules of the network Charles quickly realises that he was just a small cog in the large wheel of organised crime.

Gurp has high hopes for the film’s continued success in the UK after the interest already received from abroad and more information about the film can be found on the movie’s IMDB page here:


Catch the full trailer for 10 Grams below

To contact Gurps about his current and upcoming projects check the Facebook page at this link:


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