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Midlands Showcase Archive - Tumbling Into Film

By midlandsmovies, Sep 11 2013 09:20PM

Our new Showcase is movie-maker Lucy Bianca Peel and her new movie “Tumbling”. Midlands Movie Mike asks Lucy what her influences are and what she is bringing to and from the Midlands with her new work.

When not working in a laboratory as scientist researching new treatments for lung conditions like asthma, Lucy Peel is making documentaries, writing scripts or on set directing films. Lucy finds that the disciplines of science and art are closely related – both requiring original thought and creativity and after moving from Nuneaton to Leicester to start university back in 2000, Lucy worked her way through both De Montfort AND the University of Leicester. She then accidentally made her first short documentary at the end of 2009 after coming across a protest while Christmas shopping in Nottingham. Lucy found she was astonished by what was happening and with an urge to take a camera out and start filming, she subsequently set up a blog to give a platform to the results. Over the next couple of years Lucy then travelled across the country making over 90 short documentaries between 2009 and 2012.

One of her films was shown at John Coster’s DocFilm Festival in Leicester (see info on our previous Spotlight page) and then went on to create a feature length documentary centred upon the Leicester Comedy Festival. In addition, Lucy has worked with Seven /Five Productions which propelled her into creating both documentaries and narrative films and already this year she has made three short films: Fish, Passing Time and Tumbling. Hopping through genres, Lucy has also almost completed the script for a short horror film which should be released in early June 2013.

Overcoming difficulties around public filming has helped Lucy to develop the confidence to step up to strangers and start asking questions and the last film Lucy directed – Tumbling, involved shooting at seven locations within one day which made for some interesting challenges against a tight schedule. Working with industry professionals and enthusiasts learning the trade alongside a cast consisting of actors based in film, the theatrical stage or even stand-up comedy, Lucy truly believes that variety is the spice of life! And whilst there is a job to be done on set, Lucy feels people have got to be having fun while they’re doing it – knowing it will have a massive effect on the final product.

When the conversation turns to Lucy’s heroes and peers, she explains that the work of Anna Seifert-Speck (Creative England) and Kate Kinninmont (Women and Film in Television) to be of most interest to her. She feels that there should be more recognition for those who have moved into supporting and accommodating other creative people in the industry.

With so many projects in such a short time, Lucy feels she has the determination, commitment and openness towards learning and experiencing new things and even if a project looks like it might fail, there’s always a big sense of achievement to be gained from being able to stick at them and pull projects through to completion. Her favourite films include the surreal realism of Amelie and the films of Lars Von Trier and I draw the conversation to a close by asking her what the future holds: “I’m currently researching and recruiting participants for a documentary about my local community. Hopefully, this will be submitted to the MyStreet film competition by mid-May. There’s also the short horror film which will be submitted to the 666 Short Cuts to Hell competition by early June. Thinking about long-term projects, I’m collaborating with an artist who will remain anonymous for the time being while they are completing a script for my first narrative feature film which will hopefully be completed in 2014".

Lucy ends our chat by encouraging up and coming film-makers to not worry too much about equipment, adding that even the cheapest of cameras can produce decent results with it being more important people learn about who they are as an artist. “Getting together with other people who are interested in a similar thing, the energy from that can be totally infectious. Most importantly – enjoy yourself and have fun!” Amen to that.

The premiere of Tumbling is on the 10th May 2013 and Midlands Movies will be reviewing it on our blog very soon. In then meantime, follow the film at Facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/MutedFnordTumbling

Midlands Movies Mike

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