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Midlands Showcase Archive - Greg Day is Picture Perfect

By midlandsmovies, Nov 10 2013 02:12PM

Midlands Movies Mike speaks to local photographer Greg Day who is looking for film projects to document.

Greg Day is a Leicester / Birmingham based documentary and portrait photographer who is looking to gain further experience shooting unit stills photographs behind the scenes on local low budget / short film shoots in the Midlands as part of an ongoing project.

Greg has recently worked successfully with a number of local filmmakers and completely enjoyed the experience in each case (yes, he even does not mind the early starts and the long hours standing outside on freezing winter location shoots!) As a result of his experiences, Greg has a thorough appreciation of the qualities needed to work on a busy film set, amongst others the need to work in a considerate manner, allowing him to fulfil his own responsibilities as a photographer whilst not overly intruding on the important work of the other members of cast and crew.

His aim as a photographer is to build a career working in the film industry, primarily as a unit stills photographer but also with an eye to moving into the field of cinematography at some point in the future. At this moment in time though, Greg is not looking to be paid for his work or photos as he is merely seeking the opportunity to increase my level of experience whilst working on set with a crew of like-minded individuals.

Greg is therefore wondering if any upcoming shoots or filmmakers working in the region would be open to an approach regarding this then they should contact him immediately on the contact details below. Greg explains, "they would be more than welcome to use any finalised images that I produce for their own promotional needs etc. should they so wish".

Examples of Greg's previous work can be found on his Facebook page www.facebook.com/gdayphotographer

Or visit his website at www.gregoryjday.com

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