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Midlands Showcase - Straight to Video movie soundtrack sequel

By midlandsmovies, Apr 23 2014 08:04PM

This week has seen the launch of Straight to Video’s new PledgeMusic Campaign for their next release. Read more about this exciting Midlands movie/music crossover project...

Rob Lane (or Laney) is the bass player for the Midlands based band TCC and has also played with the likes of The Bulletboys and 90s pop supremos Let Loose and now his Straight to Video project has brought together all the things Rob loves - particularly the great films and music of the 80s/90s along with all the great Pop Culture of the time!

After last year’s release of the STV EP – a collection of cover versions from some of his favourite movie soundtracks – Rob’s sequel has seen him teaming up with Pledge Music.com who allow independent artists the opportunity to pursue their own work whilst raising money alongside.

Like last time Rob’s inviting the fans to become part of the experience and have fun along the way as he aims to record 8 to 10 songs and split it equally between 80s & 90s film soundtracks – what Rob describes as “an A & B side if you like”.

Rob explains that he’s “going deep, deep, deep (a bad ‘Beverley Hills Cop’ reference) into some of my most loved films to see which songs would work and which I think I could put a cool twist on.”

With a whole bunch of people already stepping forward to play on the songs Rob is asking fans to look over some of rewards listed on his page which you can receive in return for pledging towards this project.

From exclusive video updates, photos and downloads, Rob promises that every single person that pledges gets a ‘THANK YOU’ in the artwork credit at no extra cost. Plus, when the project is funded, part of the profits will be donated to help research into Autism.

Check more details on the project at Rob’s link here:


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