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Midlands Showcase - Silent Hill Requiem

By midlandsmovies, Feb 22 2014 08:46AM

We speak to Gareth Morgan of ZenithFilms who has taken a video game franchise and made his own fan film from the ground up.

Working as a professional filmmaker for the last three years, Gareth Morgan has had unbelievable positive response for his upcoming Silent Hill film project. Fans have reacted strongly in favour of Gareth’s unique style which heavily employs green screen.

With several short films under my belt, one of which is entitled EPiSODE and premièred at Raindance 2012 (EPiSODE itself took heavy influence from Silent Hill as well as Deadly Premonition and Resident Evil and Gareth is currently at the end of post production of turning EPiSODE into his first feature film) I ask him why Silent Hill.

“As a massive gamer, Silent Hill has always been the pinnacle for me in terms of Survival Horror - mainly the first 4 games, but that’s not to say that the others don’t hold some merits”, says Gareth.

Gareth has enjoyed their highly cinematic style and has always fallen back to them when researching Asian Horror aesthetics for whatever project he is working on. So it was not too long before Gareth thought it was high time to turn his talents to making a Silent Hill film.

But with the games themselves already so close to cinema, Gareth decided he wanted to make something fresh but still fit to the canon of the games universe and story structure. In short, “I want to make a film for fans by a fan”, he explains.

So Gareth has made Silent Hill Requiem which features the further adventures of Heather and other returning Silent Hill favourites. Without wanting to give too much away, Gareth says that Silent Hill has been host to the Otherworld for such a long time that the gateway between the two dimensions is now permanently open and the horrors are spreading far wider than just Silent Hill and its neighbouring towns.

Initially shot as a 3-5 minute short, Gareth plans to release this first as a proof of concept, starring Heather and set on the subway car first seen in SH3. If that short is well received Gareth hopes to run a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money to make it into a full film. Obviously the need for funding is crucial as a feature film is far more in depth a process than making a short and Gareth intends to obtain better props and costumes for the Otherworld Monsters through using practical effects that will be enhanced with graphics.

Not wanting to rush a release, Gareth hopes the short version will be his best work to date and has been sharing his ideas and plans with the gaming community on sites sych as Silent Hill Heaven, Silent Haven and the Silent Hill Historical Society.

Find out more about the progress of this project and other Zenithfilms productions on Facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/Zenithfilms

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