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Midlands Showcase - Cosmic Star Productions

By midlandsmovies, Dec 12 2014 07:41AM

Recently graduating from the University of Derby, 21 year-old Phoenix Cosmic is now in the process of setting up her own independent and freelance production company. Building up her portfolio of work with corporate and commercial projects, Mike speaks to the young filmmaker about her new venture and six new projects lined up for the future.

Originally from Crewe, Phoenix studied a Film and Television course at the University of Derby and over the course of the three years quickly realised that far from dissecting other people’s films she wanted to create her own. Unfortunately not finding many job opportunities for film graduates at this moment in time (and in fear of becoming just another statistic queuing at the Job centre) Phoenix set up her own independent company called ‘CosmicStar Productions’ and has not looked back since.

With two short films already under her belt and still with a lot to learn, Phoenix plans on expanding her knowledge and testing the boundaries of her creativity by maintaining a passionate, enthusiastic and energetic outlook. Understanding how competitive the filmmaking industry is, Phoenix’s priorities lies with collaborating alongside as many people as possible and with a very distinctive style, she explains how her first short films came about.

“‘Oneirataxia’ is very much inspired by the works of Michel Gondry, Tim Burton and PJ Liguori. It’s copiously colourful and surreal, with 6ft tall spiral lollipop trees, bubblewrap jellyfish and cardboard skyscrapers; it’s basically what the inside of my mind looks like on a good day”.

“I’m seeing a lot of films being made nowadays that are essentially little more than regurgitations of work that’s been done a hundred times before” she adds. Phoenix however opposes such norms and aims to defy expectations and be deliberately confronting to standard filmmaking techniques.

Alongside this experimentation, Phoenix’s corporate projects have gained her much needed experience, reputation and networking opportunities and although not the long-term plan, she’s enjoying the travel amongst many other aspects. “I still have a lot of creative freedom in that I’m still freelance and independent, and I’m lucky that I can work as a director, cinematographer and editor, so I can see any project through from conception to completion”.

Luckily the long hours have not dampened any enthusiasm and she throws herself into 5am starts, 12 hour days and very late nights. On the rare days off, Phoenix can edit for 10-12 hours straight and explains, “It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it”. Funnily though, the success of ‘Oneirataxia’ was at odds with the surreal creation of the film itself as Phoenix encountered a lot of problems from sleepless nights about a broken papier-mâché octopus to the complicated logistics of what they were trying to achieve.

However, as the final product hit the big screen, her determination to mix live action, puppetry and stop-motion showed how the ambitious project slowly came together and turned out exactly the way Phoenix envisioned it. Suitably receiving positive feedback, Phoenix admits her stubbornness can be seen as a weakness as well as a strength.

“I also love a challenge, so in the end, while I held a natural passion for the project anyway, I was just as determined to prove people wrong, and I definitely did. The film has received a lot of attention solely because it’s weird, and I’m fine with that, but now I obviously have to go away and make something even better”.

With influences ranging from such subversive films as ‘Submarine’, ‘The Breakfast Club’, ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Phoenix wants to encourage anyone to take more risks in the filmmaking industry and work on projects that are a little different. “Don’t play it safe and invest in mediocre ideas, and especially don’t work with people who aren’t passionate about what they’re doing. Get to know as many likeminded people as you can; everybody you meet will have something to teach or offer you”.

See Phoenix Cosmic Showreel here - http://vimeo.com/94895894

Phoenix’s most recent filmmaking plans include a feature length documentary called ‘We Made A Game’, which will be following the development lifecycle of the making of an indie game from start to finish. With the game itself to be released for Xbox One in 2015, Phoenix’s plans do not stop there and she hopes to make a pilot episode for a sitcom called ‘The Adventures of Boris and Clive’.

With more short films on her slate and a keenness to collaborate with as many filmmakers as possible Phoenix Cosmic intends to get all of these finished and filmed within the next two years and Midlands Movies wishes her all the best in her colourful endeavours.

FInd more information about Phoenix at the links below:

Website is: www.cosmicstarproductions.com

Email address is: cosmicstarproductions@outlook.com

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