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Midlands Shorts - Ballpoint Hero, Life Flashes and Every Waking Breath

By midlandsmovies, Apr 12 2017 06:40AM

Midlands Movies writer Guy Russell takes a look at some shorts that have recently caught his eye from a whole host of MIdlands filmmakers. Check out his mini-reviews below of these fantastic local shorts from Richard Miller and BlackBeetle Films.

Ballpoint Hero

Body in the Box Porductions

Directed by Richard Miller

Ballpoint Hero is directed and edited by Richard Miller and written by him and Robert Laird and Sam Foster and originally this short was shot for the MyRodeReel Challenge.

The film stars Robert Laird, Sam Foster, Alex Lochrie, Craig Spencer, Laura Stringer, Jake Williams and Kimberleigh Thurlow and has a host of special effects done by Miller as well!

Short but sweet, Ballpoint Hero is able to cram horror, science-fiction, humour, noir and action all in a few minutes and Miller does it exceptionally well. The funny script by Miller, Robert Laird and Sam Foster and a great use of sound by Tim Dalton make this short film worth a watch!

Life Flashes

Directed by Richard Miller & Grant Archer

Shot for the Philip Bloom/Zacuto Gratical Eye Film Competition, Life Flashes takes the unusual approach of having the entirety of the film shot through POV, for example much like the TV programme Peep Show. I really enjoyed that aspect of the film as the cinematography aids the notion that the person the point of view is from could be any one of us as we share most of the experiences the character goes through.

Birth, childhood, adulthood, responsibility, children, death, this film is aptly called Life Flashes as it flashes through each experience with the assumption that this is what happens when we’re moments away from passing away.

Directed by Richard Miller and Grant Archer, the short gives the viewer something to think about long after the film is finished.

Every Waking Breath

BlackBeetle Films

“I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to kill someone.” The opening line in Every Waking Breath immediately grabs the audience’s attention as they watch lonely Abigail (Jane Walsh) lead a strange life living out of hotel rooms, attending Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A) meetings, and stalking a public road worker.

Without giving much away Abigail is a woman with a plan, a purpose, she has a goal she needs to complete so she can move on with her life.

The local A.A leader is Mark (Robert Clement-Evans) who is a former alcoholic who seems to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. Pain is constantly etched across his face, seemingly from his past and one of my favourite aspects of this film was the subtle, grounded performance by Robert Clement-Evans.

Directed by Scott Driver, Every Waking Breath impresses on a lot of levels. Themes like revenge, regret and consequence are layered throughout the film by Driver who also paces the film like a veteran, leaving the viewer surprised even in its final moments.

Guy Russell

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