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Midlands Review - Monsters

By midlandsmovies, Jan 1 2019 10:26AM

Monsters (2018)

Directed by Chrissie Harper

Vamporama Films presents director Chrissie Harpers second short film Monsters, an eerie outlook of a dystopic future.

The film focuses on one Man (Liam Woon) as he addresses how this ruined world came to be, walking his audience through the history of horrific events that have taken place.

The man details that “monsters have emerged” and that they are “callous” and “unforgiving”, he goes on to say that humans have been forced to live underground much like the setting of the film as it is wholly set in an abandoned air raid shelter.

Who the monsters are? Where they have come from? Why they have attacked? These questions are not made clear. The man speaks softly but ambiguously as if he doesn’t want to know the full story. He continues to divulge that humans can be monsters also, that they have exacted vengeance after the initial attacks which have resulted in the monsters fearing humans also.

This is where Monsters shines, Harper successfully plants a dialogue inside the viewer’s minds asking them if humans are so different to monsters. Whilst watching the film I couldn’t help but mirror our history, our present and what could be our future to what was being displayed on screen. Is this the result of toxic human behaviour?

The fantastic story idea is credited to Steve Green who also produces, whilst director Chrissie Harper also writes the screenplay. Harper with the help of sole actor Liam Woon, creates an overwhelming sense of dread, that all hope is lost. The fact this takes place underground gives off the impression humanity has lost and the monsters have won.

Liam Woon, who also starred in Vamporama Films previous short All Bad Things, is given the huge task of being the only actor, a job he seems to relish as he delivers his monologue poetically and concisely.

I was hoping for clarity at the end of Monsters, who is the Man speaking to? Is he making a record for the future? One could argue the ambiguity of the films nature is what makes it successful, regardless, the last five seconds of Monsters will leave the viewer with a smile…or a shudder.

Guy Russell

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