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Midlands Movies Top 20 Films of 2015

By midlandsmovies, Dec 21 2015 10:12AM

Midlands Movies Top 20 Films of 2015

Well, with my regular “Best Of” lists (or favourites if you prefer) starting from January 1st each year, it’s easy to forget the films that get released in the UK in the January-February period that go towards Oscar consideration. With that in mind, it’s easy to think of those films as last year’s movies but as I’ve consistently used a full calendar year, 2015 will be no different in that respect. I’ve included links to Midlands Movies reviews for readers to see our thoughts at the time.

The scoring will not necessarily equate to where the film appears in the list – especially with months of hindsight and any hype dying down – so the films have been finalised this month (December) and published as close to the end of the year as possible.

For a bit of context there are many critically acclaimed films I have not seen yet including Suffragette, Black Mass, Brooklyn, Assasin and Carol so they’ve haven’t been missed out because of quality but owing to my own busy and burgeoning schedule.

Also, a couple of films were in the list but then dropped out including Age of Ultron and Foxcatcher – both scored highly but in retrospect they both had flaws that have gnawed at me ever since – whilst I thought Big Hero 6 and Inside Out (one of the most overrated flicks of the year and i LOVE Pixar) were solid animations but nothing more for me. A Most Violent Year was very close as was The Visit and Montage of Heck and I enjoyed Ian McKellen in Mr. Holmes as well as the film-centred documentaries of Electric Boogaloo: The Story of Cannon Films and The Death of Superman Lives.

For me, disappointments included It Follows (unsettling but the horror hype machine spoilt this one) and Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk – an interesting story made dull by CGI. Maybe a 3-D IMAX viewing would have got my juices flowing. I recommend the far superior Man on Wire documentary which tells the same story with much more tension. Click here for my Worst Films of 2015 list – some real shockers this year so venture at your own risk – but here are my (Midlands Movies Editor Mike Sales) Top 20 favourite films of 2015.

20. Trainwreck (7.5/10)

19. Going Clear (8/10)

18. Tangerine (7.5/10)

17. White Bird in a Blizzard (7.5/10)

16. Ant-Man (7.5/10)

15. American Sniper (8/10)

14. Ex Machina (8/10)

13. John Wick (8/10)

12. The Voices (7/10)

11. Love and Mercy (7.5/10)

10. The Theory of Everything (9/10)

9. Sicario (8/10)

8. Legend (8/10)

7. The Force Awakens (8/10)

6. The Martian (8/10)

5. Amy (8/10)

4. Predestination (9/10)

3. Birdman (9/10)

2. Whiplash (9/10)

1. Mad Max: Fury Road (9.5/10)

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