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Midlands Movies Spotlight - Sick Bunny Pics in Nottingham

By midlandsmovies, Apr 3 2014 05:48PM

Midlands Movies Mike speaks to Nikki Chatwin of Sick Bunny Pictures in Nottingham who are a small low budget horror company formed with his own brother Jason. Mike follows Nikki down the rabbit hole to see what their forthcoming plans are...

Sick Bunny Pics began by making short films as well as music videos and event videos for local bands and businesses and with a background in studying Art & Film, Nikki and his brother (who has a background in music and a huge passion for editing) realised they could work together on film projects. Born in Nottingham but spending most of their lives in Cornwall, Nikki and Jason always knew they would come back to their home town as they explain that as beautiful as Cornwall is, Nottingham has such better opportunities for their film work.

Having been passionate about film all his life, even writing film ideas as a child, it wasn't until Nikki made his first short film in college when studying Art about 5/6 years ago that he knew he wanted to be a director. This film was a post-apocalyptic slasher flick called "Chimera" and although 5 years ago now, Nikki recalls how this spurned him on to study Film Arts at university where he made a number of short films in numerous genres, ending up specialising in horror & exploitation and their many sub-genres.

In the past though, Nikki has worked on a variety of other genres including drama, thrillers, experimental and even animation projects and like a lot of Midlands filmmakers he has had to try and overcome budget restrictions and actors dropping out last minute. “Budget is always an issue”, says Nikki. “Especially as the largest budget I’ve had to date is only a few hundred pounds, but we try and keep it simple and make it work”. Being a tiny company they have been very hands on with their projects, practically do everything including writing, directing, editing and even occasionally have a go at acting too whilst they are at it.

Whilst shooting, Nikki likes to keep it fun and relaxed and as they have their own deadlines, can afford to take time on set and allowing themselves to get everything right at a pace that works for the crew. As for influences, Nikki cites 70s/80s exploitation/horror directors like the late Jess Franco, the master of Italian Giallos Mario Bava and the Godfather of gore HG Lewis. As well as those, Tobe Hooper and Wes Craven are big influences alongside more modern filmmakers Fred Vogel (Toe Tag Pictures), Adam Green whilst he doesn’t ignore some of the bigger names like Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Christopher Nolan.

After achieving his BA HONS in Film Arts, Nikki has gone forward by having two of his films screened at film festivals, the first was an 8mm experimental short at Flipside Film Festival in Plymouth and Sick Bunny's short Found Footage Home Invasion Film "15-05-08" which was screened at the Dead In Dixon festival in America.

Obviously, horror features high on his favourite films which he names as Friday The 13th Part 2, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Evil Dead, August Underground and Hellraiser 2. Non-horror films like Pulp Fiction, Desperado & Batman make up his other influences with 2014 being lined up to be a far more productive year than any so far. The micro-short "Campside Slasher 2: The Video Game" will be an introduction to a character/killer that they may want to develop further in the future whilst their second short "The Last Days Of May" is a mini sequel to Sick Bunny’s found footage home invasion short "15-05-08" but this time done from the point of view of the killers. This short will also be a segment of a Horror Anthology film "Excerpts of Death" created by American indie film maker Tyler Hosley which the company are very excited to be part of.

Finally a new addition to the Sick Bunny crew, Dave Low, will be acting as a Managing Director/Producer role who will really help make the company more organised and more professional whilst the company’s ethos is to keep it simple, keep it relaxed, and work with people you feel comfortable with but most importantly have fun with it.

For more information and to contact Nikki please check out Sick Bunny’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SickBunnyPictures

View "15-05-08" here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zj3DH4bnkn4&feature=player_embedded

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