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Midlands Movies Showcase - Beverley

By midlandsmovies, Feb 22 2014 08:39AM

Midlands Movies chats with Cass Pennant and his new film 'Beverley' which is currently targeting the UK festival circuit.

BEVERLEY is a short film which tells the story of a mixed race girl’s struggles to carve out a sense of identity in the confusing, shifting cultural landscape that is Leicester in 1980. Developed with Writer-Director Alexander Thomas, together they have come up with a dramatic story about a teenager's battles in a bleak and threatening environment during the Two Tone/Ska music period within the Midlands.

Bringing awareness through the film’s character to the subject of British identity, the film focuses on a mixed-race individual whose first challenge in life is her own identity and as well as festivals, the production team hopes to provide schools and youth workers with DVDs in order to provoke discussion and promote the search for creative outlets for young people.

Cass adds, “I'm embarking on this adventure because the story is still relevant today and would work well on screen so I'd appreciate anyone who can take a moment to follow our social media links and help kick-start this project”.

Their assembled creative team are striving to produce a short film that will achieve success both through the film festival circuit, as well as have the legs to go the distance to be adapted into a feature-length story. Both individually and collectively Cass explain that all within the team have achieved past production successes in film-making that only comes from strong leadership, keen ambition matched with talent and the right balance of experience and dedication.

Cass himself, who was once a leading face with West Ham’s notorious football hooligans of the 80s is today the best-selling author of nine football fan-culture related books and has advised on numerous TV and film projects, including Lexi Alexander’s Green Street/Hooligans plus Guy Ritchie’s acclaimed Snatch and Alan Clarke’s The Firm.

Pennant is also the eponymous hero of critically acclaimed British feature film CASS directed by Jon S. Baird (Filth) which is based on his autobiography about his turbulent life and character, constantly strengthened through adversity.

Writer Alexander Thomas lives and works in London and co-founded TAG Films in 2006. His first film, ‘Portobello: Attack of the Clones’, won a number of awards and accolades including Best London Film 2006 at the UK’s biggest independent film festival competition. Following on from this success, Alexander gained a scholarship to undertake a Master’s degree in Film Directing at the University of Westminster and his graduation film, Entropy, won a number of awards including Best Script and Best Performances at the National Student Film Festival.

Other members of their team include award-winning Ian Stuttard (Co Producer for Urban Edge Films) who is better known as Butch and who has specialised in TV documentaries on various subjects for all the major broadcasters ranging from the BBC’s Panorama to Al Jazeera: The Unknown Famine (ITV – Bafta 1975 / RTS 1974), Crime Inc. (ITV – nominated for Bafta 1984), Hooligan (ITV – 1985), Shooting the Messenger (Al Jazeera – nominated for an International Emmy 2009).

Finally associate Producer Beverley Thompson was born the Chinese year of the Monkey and by the age of 24 was a single parent raising 2 children, running her own business and was attending University studying Law. Her professional career was working with young people caught up in the misery of drug addiction and gang culture. With her lifelong guide being the words of Bob Marley, Beverley grew up singing his songs and they continue to soothe and inspire her throughout difficult and challenging times. Like Beverley, Marley was also mixed-race she ends with a quote from the legend himself: ‘You have to be some-one’. “I am”, she says. “I am Beverley”.

The team are raising further finance at Indiegogo so head to http://igg.me/at/Beverley/x/5267350 to donate and links to the film’s website and social media pages are below.

Website http://www.beverleyfilm.com

Twitter https://twitter.com/BeverleyFilm

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BeverleyShortFilm

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