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Midlands Movies Showcase - A Dozen Summers by Kenton Hall

By midlandsmovies, Jun 17 2014 06:21PM

Midlands Movies Mike checks out upcoming children's feature film, A Dozen Summers, which began filming back in February and hears from writer-director Kenton Hall. Read on...

A Dozen Summers is a feature-length comedy about and for children while still being funny and relevant to adults and it began principal photography during February this year - shooting through Feb/March/April for festival release in Autumn 2014. It's the first of two Monkey Basket Films features this year and writer Kenton Hall explains it's a part-funded project - which means they are steaming ahead regardless - but are also raising additional funds via Indiegogo

Midlands Movies has seen a copy of the script which features a broad comedic tone for all ages and support is being harnessed for the project at their Indiegogo page here - http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-dozen-summers/x/2263640

Kenton Hall is the writer and director of “A Dozen Summers”, a film concerning itself with what it’s really like to be 12 in the 21st century. Kenton has been involved in acting, writing and directing a large number of projects in the Midlands and has two twelve year-old daughters, which is why he wrote the movie. Kenton empathises with anyone who has spent over a decade being dragged to every film pitched at children (and their precious parents' money) and so wanted to make a movie about and for children. The movie focuses on being stranded in between childhood and adulthood and Kenton explains that there will not be any wizards or dragons but similarly no pre-teen crack dens either.

This heady task is being made easier by what Kenton describes as amazing cast & crew that have come on board and by the generous giving of the marvellous funding the project has already received. Kenton also doesn’t underestimate the fact that they have, in addition to the production itself, had the opportunity to train a group of exceptionally talented young people in the nuts and bolts of making a feature film - allowing them to shadow the professionals on the crew from pre-production right through to post.

This low-budget independent production will be made all the easier by fan support and there will be rewards a plenty as is traditional with these things such as appearing in the film, production credits and signed goodies whatever your budget.

With principal photography now over and editing almost finished, the world will be kept up-to-date on the movie’s progress over the next two months via their twitter page here - https://twitter.com/ADozenSummers

Whether it’s £5 or the “40 gazillion that will allow me to fulfil my dream of shooting all of the wide angle shots from space”, Kenton says that all the donations will make it easier to bring this story to the screen. It’s as simple as that.

And there's no one who would disagree with this honest sentiment. Also follow Kenton at his Twitter page here - https://twitter.com/KentonHall

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