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Midlands Movies Feature - Top 25 Alternative Movie Posters

By midlandsmovies, May 28 2015 08:07PM

Top 25 Alternative Movie Posters

After purchasing The Art of Drew Struzan, I decided to investigate the lost art of innovative film poster design. It seems to me it has been taken on a much more serious sub culture as designers (homemade and unprofessional) have flooded the internet with alternative designs to a wealth of films.

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From fans to cinephiles, the designs range from the simplistic to the hugely complicated with both classics and new releases getting a makeover using a range of styles from painting to computer aided design. With film posters becoming more homogenous to take into account a global market, the over use of PhotoShop to combine actors together in a simple Struzan-esque group shot is far too over relied on in Hollywood. So, from new takes on established ideas to the simplification of more complex posters these 25 alternative designs show a whole host of ideas that I hope film companies and movie marketing departments consider when trying to sell their films to the public.

In most instances I already love the film’s original artwork (e.g Ghostbusters, Star Wars and Robocop are already iconic classics to me) but these new pieces show how another angle can be equally good and it some cases even better.

So, please take a look at 25 brilliant pieces of art (with some further thoughts after the jump) and I also request if any readers can please illuminate me with the names of any of the artists responsible so I can link to their sites and reference their work appropriately. Please click on each pic to enlarge.

1. American Psycho (by TVNZ)

This poster shows some kind of abstraction, something illusory and so much of this idea is brilliant from the pieces making the American flag to the tasteless red blood stains on a subtle off-white shirt. With the corporate blue tie finishing off the stars and stripes design and the tilting angle showing everything is not as it seems, this poster has it all.

2. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (by Olly Moss)

There are so many “simple” alternative posters out there that after a while they can blend in with each other but this one stands out for using the classic cup/face illusion to show both a key blood filled grail and the father-son dynamic Spielberg covers in this historical action romp.

3. The Lego Movie (by Tom Whalen)

Lego blocks are intrinsically angular and cuboid and this poster incorporates a range of colourful characters all interlocking perfectly with each other on a Lego base.

4. The Wizard of Oz (by Kevin Tong)

Some posters just capture the whole of a film so perfectly and this ingenious design uses the colour palette of Oz in contrast with the black & white Kansas to amazing effect.

5. True Romance (by Gabz)

This stunning poster places an orgy of characters and scenes within a statue of Cupid with rough writing for the font and more handwritten style on the credits. A beautiful piece.

6. Die Hard (by Zach Hallum)

Retaining the font from the original poster, the red continues as the blood on McLane’s glass-cut feet in this effective design.

7. The Dark Knight Rises (by Olly Moss)

Awesome moody poster with art-deco influences with a classic font and great usage of the bat-symbol iconography on the cowl. Simple yet effective with a real PUNCH!

8. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (by Tom Whalen)

Maybe giving too much away, this WFRR poster retains the cartoon nature in a distinct new style with heavy hints of its mystery/gangster style genre

9. Memento

A basic poster shown in mostly black and white (a key design of part of the film) plus showing the photograph/camera that is essential to the character with the film credits in the Polaroid itself. Genius.

10. Terminator 2 (by Tom Whalen)

The Terminator is “within” the human in this angular & technical design made with the deadly precision of a robot itself and including everything from the chip to the HKs

11. Oldboy

Another poster that takes a key scene from the film, this time the protagonists violent one-take corridor fight with a hammer in Park Chan-Wook’s Asian masterpiece

12. Robocop (by Casey Callender)

An outstanding 80s sci fi gets a great hand painted 80s style poster with metallic font and emphasis on the gun representing the film’s violent obsessions.

13. Psycho (by Victor Hertz)

Simple and well known images/icons combine to summarise Hitchcock’s classic horror scene as well as the duality of the sexes

14. Big Trouble in Little China (by Tyler Stout)

A gaudy but intricate poster of innumerable details from David Lo Pan to Jack Burton in this Asian inspired poster

15. 2001: A Space Odyssey (by Joshua Budich)

From the huge sky to earth via the ape, star child and Hal this collage of key moments is as good as Kubrick’s journey through space and time

16. Prometheus (by Martin Ansin)

An almost 70s novel cover-style artwork in monochrome which showcases the exploring nature of the sci fi film

17. Ghostbusters (by Joshua Budich)

Beautifully illustrated character poster with bold colours and brilliant inclusion of the fire house too

18. Gremlins

A film of soft and cuddly versus scaly and scary in this two-faced poster showing the duality of the Mogwai

19. Captain America 2: Winter Soldier (by Rich Kelly)

This comic-book-esque poster has a retro vibe and washed out coloured linking the past with the future.

20. American History X

Brilliantly creative idea of including the Swastika invading the middle of American life in an “X”

21. The Shining (by Tracie Ching)

Outstanding updated artwork focuses on a dark vibe with blood red splashes of colour

22. Star Wars (by Old Red JalopY)

Iconic helmet ware in this pastiche of Full Metal Jacket and war films in general making a bold statement on a white background

23. Hell Boy (by Orlando Arocena)

This movie inspired artwork uses a 30s art-deco style of the comic anti-hero

24. The Godfather (by Marie Bergeron)

Going for the simplistic style, this poster takes one key moment from the film from a different perspective

25. The Burbs (by Paul Ainsworth)

An alternative colouring for this brilliant and zany 80s comedy starring Tom Hanks

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