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Midlands Feature Review - Unholy

By midlandsmovies, Jun 7 2016 08:08AM

Unholy (2016)

Mr. Stitch Films

MrStichFilms latest feature film Unholy follows a very similar pattern most haunted house films do but executes it in a way where the audience are surprised at every turn. Directed by Anthony M. Winson Unholy starts with newlyweds Peter and Margaret Eastwood buying their first marital home, what the estate agent fails to mention however is that the house they’re buying has a history.

The film takes place in 1975 allowing Winson to ramp up the sense of dread, I think a lot of modern audiences appreciate horrors set in a period where there are no mobile phones, no internet and no easy way to safety. Successfully making the viewer believe in a period of time is a complicated component on even the most expensive of films so it’s even more impressive to learn the film was made on a shoestring budget of £600. The crew include everything from clothes to cars to give the audience that extra bit of belief that what they are seeing is taking place in 1975.

As I mentioned earlier Unholy does follow a paradigm nearly everyone is familiar with, a haunted house, a woman alone, a husband who doesn’t believe her and the psychic who attempts to save the day. However, this could be seen to bolster Unholy in what it does best, scaring the audience. A lot of the early scares are set during the day and apparitions appear in the house unnoticed by the lone housewife, the immediate presence from the homes spectre is a refreshing change to the usual fare you would expect from the haunted house genre.

Director Anthony M. Winson also on editing duty excels at just that, the editing is clear and concise and is evident that Winson has made a tight edit for the film with a short run time that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Obviously one of his most important jobs as a director is getting performances out of his actors which he does to good effect, Kelly Goudie (Margaret Eastwood) is in nearly every scene of the film with her character carrying the film through three acts. Goudie does a great job in portraying the scared wife that no one believes representing the confusion, anger and fear that comes from her situation.

Unholy comes to an end with an explosive finale that has to be seen to be believed, I was rather impressed a film of this size had effects that worked as well as they did. Ultimately Unholy works as a basic haunted house horror film, those seasoned veterans of the genre might not get as much kick out of it compared to someone who’s fairly new and untainted by the structure in which it carries out. Whilst I enjoy films like Insidious and The Conjuring and are used to the tricks they normally pull I and a lot of horror fans out there will have watched Unholy with the curtains drawn, lights off, feet firmly off the floor, WANTING to be scared.


Midlands Movies Guy Russell

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