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Midlands Feature Review - The Snarling

By midlandsmovies, Oct 9 2016 12:32PM

The Snarling


Dir. Pablo Raybould

From first time director Pablo Raybould comes West Midlands horror comedy The Snarling in which a quiet English village is overtaken by the cast and crew of a new zombie film. But this production crew bring with them a deadly secret whereby brutally murdered bodies keep following them around.

But before you go thinking oh no another low budget zombie film, The Snarling lays out it’s true intentions thanks to a scene that plays homage to An American Werewolf in London. That’s right what we have here is a werewolf film,

The Snarling does its best to keep the viewer guessing for as long as possible as to who is actually is the culprit as an incompetent cop (Raybould himself) complete with a delightful food quirk – as the best detectives always have, attempts to solve the mystery behind the ever increasing number of deaths.

Focusing more on the comedy than horror the film makes up for what is lacks in gore with plenty of laughs that flit between the lowest common denominator humour and the intelligent depending on the character. Its little touches like this in the script that help keep the film feel fresh, funny and above all engaging.

Benefitting from fantastic, clever writing with traditional self deprecating British humour permeating throughout and a top professional cast drawn from many of your favourite UK shows The Snarling is a highly entertaining watch.

Arguably up there with Shaun of the Dead but no doubt lacking its mainstream appeal The Snarling is a great example of British comedy in a horror context showing there still is life in the old dog yet.


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