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Midlands Feature - Nick Whittle teases new film Bella

By midlandsmovies, Jun 27 2016 09:50PM

Midlands Feature – Nick Whittle teases new film Bella

Nick John Whittle is a screenwriter, film producer and festival director living and working in Birmingham and having released two microfilms he has now moved on to a brand new web series. Midlands Movies Mike features this up and coming talent who also has a strong social media presence and passion for the visual.

With his short films “Aftershow Triptych” and “Countenance”, Nick Whittle has turned back to writing with a 6-part fantasy web series for a Nottinghamshire-based film group alongside his current time spent producing four short films.

As co-director for Anon Film Festival based in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, Nick started his career by attending The Glasgow Academy followed by Napier University and finally the University of Gloucestershire before returning to Birmingham two years ago to focus on his passion for film and TV.

Nick believes that only by collaborating with others that the words in a script page can truly be understood and his sense of being at the start of the “journey” of a movie fits well for those who he has worked closely with in production.

And with that, amazingly Nick is already on his fourth film of 2016. “Bella” (see the teaser trailer above) is a 30 minute black comedy produced by Manchester-based film composer and director Joseph Ullman of Falling Reel Studios. Again employing talented actors from the Midlands, “Bella” explores the world of act consequentialism; its absurdist quality lends humour to an otherwise dark and sinister plot.

Recently, “Reflexions” is a short 10 minute piece of experimental cinema written for producer Neil Parmar of Birmingham-based Red Mosquito Films. Living in Oldbury, Neil has been a good friend and mentor to Nick for almost a year and the two now challenge themselves to write, direct and produce one short film a month. “Reflexions” is an ensemble piece but presented in disjointed narrative and features actors from around the East and West Midlands including Cassey Shakespeare, Tim Watson, Caroline Whittle, David Claridge, Mia Mills, and Mike Muyunda.

“No Way Back” and “Zip” are both fore-runners of what Nick is calling “tarp-horror” – horror films based around camping and tenting experiences and more often than not involving the menace of evil natural spirits. Both are due to be filmed in the Brecon Beacons this summer and are produced and directed by Derbyshire filmmaker Stuart Wheeldon of Anon Motion Pictures.

Nick’s cinematic influences include Beckett, Hitchcock, Buñuel, Mamet, Allen, Jarmusch, and Bergman and as a great fan of originality and high comedy aims to create engaging and inspiring characters.

Nick is always on the lookout for collaborative opportunities or commissioning from like-minded creatives who share his passion for some a little different, no matter where they are based so we encourage you to get in touch with Nick using the contact details below.

Nick John Whittle: www.freelance-writer.org.uk

Blog: www.nickjohnwhittle.com

Falling Reel Studios: http://www.fallingreel.co.uk

Anon Motion Pictures: http://www.anonmotionpictures.com

Anon Film Festival: http://www.anonfilmfestival.com

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