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Gimme "Shelter" - Leicester Local Film

By midlandsmovies, Jul 25 2014 06:40AM

Midlands Movies Mike encounters Tom Young, director of new short film “Shelter” which was screened alongside Keith Allott's 'Flawless' and Rhys Davies' 'Finding Richard' last Wednesday at Leicester’s Phoenix cinema. Can Tom find a safe haven amongst the difficult themes of his story of homelessness? Mike attempts to find out.

Tom Young is an up and coming director from Leicester who now runs his own Tom Young Film production company and has made “Shelter” in association with Seven/Five Productions. He has created this new 10 minute short drama about a homeless man on New Year’s Eve and has already held a successful premiere with great feedback for a sensational film which combines both acoustic music and meaningful drama.

Tom explains that he hopes to hold further public screenings around the Midlands where all entry fees would go towards fundraising for local homeless charities and shelters. With lead actor Jason Adams hailing from local town Northampton, Tom explains that they are planning to also hold further Midlands shows in Derby, Nottingham and finally in the capital London.

I (MM Mike) currently work at Home-Start UK, a Leicester-based charity helping disadvantaged families and whose new CEO is Rob Parkinson (a former Chief Executive of Action Homeless in Leicester) and so have an active daily interest with this community work and the movie captures both the frustrations and challenges faced by those without a home but it also contains a message of hope.

Tom wrote the film as well and chose Jason Adams for the difficult lead role of the exhausted John who meets a runaway girl vying for his attention at the shelter itself. Adams is a singer-songwriter and as a working musician since the age of 16 provided not only a multi-layered performance but also a musical soundtrack within the film itself.

“The first day on set offered instant proof that I was a part of something brilliant”, says Jason. “Tom is a fantastic writer and director who confidently realised his vision through the solid team that he pulled around him”, he continues. “Furthermore”, he added, “it was an absolute pleasure to work with Holly, of whom I am certain is real star in the making.”

The ‘Holly’ he is alluding to is youthful actress Holly Hurn, who plays 11-year old Emily in the film and is a current student at the Pauline Quirke Academy in Leicester. Holly has already had a very busy year, appearing in two short and one feature film including “Finding Richard” and the upcoming “A Dozen Summers” by Kenton Hall.

"I was over the moon when I got the part of Emil and I loved working with Jason Adams as he is very funny and is a good actor”, says Holly. “Tom Young was great to work with he taught me a lot, he would help me with my lines and how to play Emily”, she goes on to explain.

With a significant message of life struggles against daily adversity yet with an air of optimism the film gets its importance over to the viewer with well written dialogue and a heartfelt soundtrack by Jason Adams who provides harmonious music to the less than harmonious crisis these characters face.

For more details about Shelter please check their Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/sheltershortfilm

Or contact the filmmakers below:

Tom Young (Director/Writer/Producer) – 07587 140506 tomyoungfilms@gmail.com

Becca Bryers (Assistant Producer) – becca.bryers@gmail.com

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