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Finding Neverland at The Curve, Leicester - New show from Harvey Weinstein

By midlandsmovies, Oct 7 2012 02:18PM

Last Wednesday 3rd October was a very strange night for me as I heard through the Facebook and Twitter grapevine that Johnny Depp (yes, he) and Kate Winslet (yes, her!) were in Leicester at the press night for the new Harvey Weinstein produced theatre show Finding Neverland. As both of those were stars of the cinematic version, and the fact Bono and The Edge had been in town the weekend before (see here - http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/U2-s-Bono-Edge-Leicester-opening-Curve-production/story-16968853-detail/story.html) the rumours were flying across the interweb. Living nearby to said theatre, I decided to take a look myself to see what the hype was about.

Literally a street away I headed to the Curve and although no sign of Depp & Winslet (they were not there at all it subsequently turned out), I did spot James Corden and the producer Harvey Weinstein himself. Now I don’t get starstruck too often but Harvey has had a hand in producing Lord of the Rings, Gangs of New York and most of Tarantino’s films including Pulp Fiction which is not to be sniffed at. He’s an Oscar winner too for Shakespeare in Love! 20 minutes later a very good friend of mine said she had a spare ticket for the after-show dinner at the nearby Athena (www.athenacb.co.uk) and asked if I wanted to go.

Before you could say Inglorious Basterds I had nipped home for a quick change into my suit and waistcoat and then was kindly welcomed into the large auditorium with the cast, musicians and show patrons. Sitting alongside my friend Tanya and her colleagues from DeMontfort University I was provided with some awesome food, met some great people and listened to Harvey’s thank you speech to cap off an amazing (and unplanned) evening.

Big thanks to Tanya for the invite and the closest I’ve ever got to a real Hollywood “player”.

Some pictures from the night are below (from the top):

1. Finding Neverland at The Curve (courtesy of Curve facebok page)

2. Me (MM Mike) and my ticket

3. Staff and student from DMU (courtesy of Curve facebok page)

4. Harvey Weinstein on stage at The Athena

5. The crowds at The Athena

6. James Corden & Harvey Weinstein (courtesy of Curve facebok page)

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