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Feature Review Archive - Titanic 3D

By midlandsmovies, Nov 3 2013 09:26AM

Can the eagle eye sailors in the crow's nest see the iceberg any easier in this retro-fitted 3D re-release of Cameron's star-crossed lovers from different background CGI epic...Matt finds out in his review of Avatar...wait, no...Titanic!

I’ll get this out of the way right at the very beginning. I like Titanic. I like Titanic a lot. I’d go as far as to say it’s one of my top ten favourite films. I love it. If you’ve never seen it – your loss – but allow me to give you a brief synopsis. Rich girl gets on boat. Rich girl meets poor boy. Rich girl and poor boy get it on. Ship sinks. Poor boy dies. The moral of the story being that if you’re rich, you can survive most things, even the freezing Atlantic Ocean.

I must admit though, that as much as I love the film, I was a bit surprised it had been chosen for a 3D re-release. 3D seems to be the realm of action/horror/sci-fi films and not romantic dramas. 3D can certainly add elements to the right kind of films, but to a film like Titanic? I was sceptical. And, as I found out, rightly so. Touching up Titanic with a bit of 3D doesn’t really work. With 3D, there should be dramatic “in your face” moments and Titanic just doesn’t have them.

The famous iceberg which did for the ship doesn’t move out of the screen as it strikes the Titanic, water doesn’t appear to be flooding towards the audience in dramatic 3D fashion. The interior shots do have more depth to them but seeing a dining room in 3D just isn’t the same as seeing alien spaceships flying down a canyon as in Avatar. In a 3D film of over 3 hours, there was only really one 3D “wow” moment when the water floods into the bridge were the Captain meets his maker. In a film this long, you’d expect more.

The problem, however, rests with the film itself. To state the obvious, it’s already been made! There are no new scenes that can really be added in to make the 3D work and there are no existing scenes that 3D can really add anything too. The 3D angle just doesn’t work with a film like Titanic in the same way as it does in Avatar or Toy Story 3.

Once again, I was disappointed with a 3D re-release. I do like 3D as a concept where it can add something to the cinema experience but pointlessly re-releasing films just to add 3D into it seems like a pointless gimmick. That said, the film itself is amazing on the big screen and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it again, even though the 3D was a bit of a damp squib. My advice – go and see Titanic at the cinema while you can, but skip the 3D and go for the cheaper 2D option.

Midlands Movies Matthew

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