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Feature Review - Stereotypes

By midlandsmovies, Jul 27 2015 07:17PM

Stereotypes (2015)

Directed by Jordan & Rebecca McGibney

When a tragic death links two men walking very different paths, decisions must be made and life-changing actions must be taken if they are to ever recover from it. Stereotypes comes from directors Jordan and Rebecca McGibney, with a script penned by Luke McGibney who also stars in the short that gives an honest depiction of two opposing cultures, in one heartwrenching story.

These pair of tormented souls come in the form of Jordan Smith as the young Leroy Williams and Luke McGibney as Judas Blakely. Both do a wonderful job of battling their own personal demons and facing the consequences that come from it.

McGibney plays the corrupted Blakely, a father-to-be whose world is close to collapsing, which acts as a great constrast to Smith’s Leroy, whose world already has. Extra special mention must also go to Noor Lawson as Judas’ girlfriend, and Leroy’s brother Dez who both have a hand in trying to reallign our leads moral compasses.

Brilliantly displaying the bleak worlds the two characters inhabit, there are some effective scenes in Stereotypes that highlight the pressing matters it’s so keen to focus on. The build up to its final moments are pieced together impressively, all working to send a message that good or bad, everyone has a choice to make - watching this would be a good one.


Guest reviewer Nick Staniforth

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