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Feature Review - Penny for the Guy

By midlandsmovies, Jul 27 2015 07:23PM

Penny For The Guy (2015)

Big Frog Films

Directed by Kaush Patel & Nigel Buckley

Frank is a bitter homeless man spending his day as he does every other with the hope of passers by lending a hand, or even the occasional contents of their pockets. Accepting the life he’s forced to live, a visit from a friendly face soon turns into a chilling one when Frank learns of an evil in the world he never knew existed.

Nigel Buckley plays down on his luck Frank whilst Carla Buckley plays the warming social worker Imelda, who is keen to learn of how this homeless man ended up the way he is. The entire short is shot in an underpass, that whilst may seem a simple and easy location is displayed from various choice angles that make a lasting effect, particularly when Frank’s unfortunate scenario becomes even more so.

Credit must also be cast on the impressive make-up provided by Alex Bourne, when the unwelcome visitor makes their apperance and things go south for Frank. All adding to daring effort for a film that was shot in a mere four nights.


Guest reviewer Nick Staniforth

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