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Feature Review - Life In a Box

By midlandsmovies, Jul 20 2015 06:30PM

Life in a Box (2015) Dir: Lucy Young

"Freddie. You might not know me now but by the time you've seen this, you'd wish you didn't".

From Derbyshire writer/director Lucy Young, Life in a Box is a short film that follows the emotionally lost Freddie, who after losing a loved one seeks refuge in television only for his fragile state to begin confusing the two.

Narrated by Freddie himself through an internal monologue we witness not only the physical but emotional effect that grief has on him as the "box" starts to seep into his subconscious leading to scenes that might not be too out of place in Cronenberg's Videodrome and like that Canadian writer/director, this one also has something to say as it builds to its emotionally powerful climax.

This short film will not be for everyone as despite the relatively structured narrative it incorporates elements of surrealism which are needed to convey the psychological drama that is unfolding. However for fans of film that has slightly more going on beneath the surface this 15 minute short is worth checking out.

A strong film from a growing talent, it will be interesting to see what Lucy Young does next.


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