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Daves Comedy Festival in Leicester - Film shows

By midlandsmovies, Nov 29 2015 11:18AM

Starting in 1994, the 22nd Leicester Comedy Festival builds upon last year’s huge festival with the stage set for a fantastic 2016 Festival from 3rd – 21st February in the new year. Incorporating comedy film, poetry & spoken word, comic theatre, photographic and art exhibitions, and children's shows, below are some suggestions of a few shows to look out for with a movie or film related tinge that we recommend checking out during the month.

We hope you enjoyed these film events but for hundreds more shows then please see the full list of acts and events at the Dave Festival website here - http://www.comedy-festival.co.uk


Join Bat-Fan, James Wilson-Taylor, for stand-up, sketches and songs direct from Gotham City. Learn how James thinks he’s perfectly placed to replace Ben Affleck in the upcoming film Batman vs Superman. “Wildly, fanatically talented” The Skinny.

Date: 05 February

Venue: PETER Pizzeria

Info Tel: 0116 254 5333

Entry: £6.50*

Twitter: @batfanuk

Door open: 6.00.pm

Christian Steel - You F@!?#ng Write It

An hour of crowd work, riffing and improvisation by one of the best acts on the circuit, Christian plays all over the world and his new show is about you! Christian Steel, a graduate of London's Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, first began performing stand-up comedy in October 2005. As an actor, he was offered the male lead in The Graduate in the West End opposite Jerry Hall, but turned it down to play Peter 'Geordie' Gardner in BBC's Second World War film Night Flight alongside Edward Woodwood. He then went on to film Channel 4's Shackleton with Kenneth Branagh - living on an ice breaker in the North Pole for five months. He has also performed with the Royal Shakespeare company in Coriolanus and The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Date: 05 February

Venue: Kayal

Info Tel: 0116 255 4667

Entry: £8*

Twitter: @SteelActorCom

Door open: 10.10.pm

Simon Donald's School of Swearing

Find yourself stuck for a word to describe something you do to your genitals? Need an aggressive taunt to shout at a policeman? Maybe you’re struggling to describe somethings that’s come out of your arse? DON”T PANIC! School of Swearing has all the answers. Featuring ‘Celebrity Swears’ with all your favourite stars of film, television and the international drug trade.

Date: 12 February

Venue: Heroes @ The Criterion

Info Tel: 0116 262 5418

Entry: £5 advance or Pay What You Want*

Twitter: @simondonald

Door open: 9.20.pm

Glorious Management present: Short & Curly: A Curly Night In (Work In Progress)

Join Short & Curly for a Curly night in watching the telly...on the stage! What should they watch first? Film Noir, A Musical Horror or a Classic Superhero programme. More ludicrous spoofage from the madcap pair. "Fantastically good fun” Broadway Baby.

Date: 13 February

Venue: The Cookie

Info Tel: 0116 253 1212

Entry: FREE*

Twitter: @ShortCurlyCom

Door open: 2.50.pm

Bob Slayer: Sara Mason Burt Lancaster Pierced My Hymen

The true story of Sara's glitzy, hilarious and disturbing childhood in Beverly Hills. Growing up with film stars kids in LaLa Land was fun, from kidnap to drugs to shrinks and to parties, the roller coaster Rock 'N Roll life comes at a price. Unorthodox is putting it mildly! (PWYL or $5 to reserve) REVIEWS: "My pick of the free fringe shows this year. A perfectly paced monologue providing an endearing insight into a childhood growing up within the murky bubble of Hollywood. Sara is a natural storyteller and one with the rare talent to extract brilliant comedy from subjects many others would shy away from. "Hipsters would call this show 'Edgy'.

Date: 16 February

Venue: Heroes @ The Criterion

Info Tel: 0116 262 5418

Entry: £5 advance or Pay What You Want *

Twitter: @saramason18

Door open: 6.45.pm

Anne Reid - In A New Key

Anne Reid and her musical director Jason Carr present an evening of songs and stories...music and memories ......filming with Daniel Craig....performing Shakespeare at Buckingham Palace....making Last Tango in Halifax! Reid is one of Britain's most-loved and respected actors, star of the very popular Last Tango in Halifax, Ladies of Letters, Dinnerladies and The Mother.

Date: 17 February

Venue: Curve

Info Tel: 0116 242 3595

Entry: £16 - £20*

Door open: 7.15.pm

Phoenix Cinema, Dave McGuckin & Dan Nicholas present Commentary

An experiment in media-mashups has been taking place at Phoenix Cinema, and now it comes to Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival. Prepare to be astounded as comedians, poets, musicians and more take films and animations and bend them, twist them and break them into entirely new, completely unique performances. #WhatAreYouWatching?

Date: 18 February

Venue: Phoenix

Info Tel: 0116 242 2800

Entry: £6*

Twitter: @commentaryleic

Door open: 8.00.pm

Eric Lampaert and PBJ Management present Comedian's Cinema Club: Split Screen

Love movies? Comedy? We force stand-up comics to improvise their way through a film they may only have half-remembered, or never seen! For Leicester we’re doing Speed. Choose Team Keanu and experience the action in an actual bus. Team Hopper will be next door. Linked by live camera feed to not miss any action! Forget the quiet cinema screen, these acts are bursting through it and shoving the film right in your face! Come and experience this cult hit doing a special for Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival. "What a silly idea, uproariously executed. A small cast of comedians improvise their way through a film they may only have half-remembered, or never seen at all.” – CHORTLE. The action will simultaneously be split between Bob's BlundaBus and The Criterion.

Date: 20 February

Venue: Bob's BlundaBus

Entry: £5*

Twitter: @ComCineClub

Door open: 9.15.pm

Jokes on Us Free Festival present The Elvis Dead

Cult classic horror movie Evil Dead 2* reinterpreted through the songs of Elvis**. Just once (so far) Bruce Campbell has performed as Elvis in the ‘soul-stealing mummy in a nursing home’ movie, Bubba Ho-Tep. On rare occasions, it has been remarked that Rob Kemp bears a passing resemblance to Bruce Campbell*** With enough regularity to consider it habit, Bruce Campbell has also appeared on-screen as Ash Williams in the Evil Dead movies (and TV show). Every now and then, an idea will strike that will seem extremely absurd, and yet at the same time bizarrely fitting.

Date: 08 February

Venue: The Soundhouse

Entry: FREE*

Door open: 8.15.pm

Suzy Bennett Gumption!

Suzy loves movies, but has realised she was playing the part of best friend in her own life instead of the leading lady. Now she’s rewriting her own story and finally discovering that little thing called gumption! Funny Women Award winner. 'Suzy is a charm bomb' (Russell Kane). 'Delightful company' (Metro). 'The panache of a young Dawn French' Chortle.co.uk). 'Vibrant, gorgeous and extremely funny' (BBC). 'This show has a huge beating comedy heart' - FunnyWomen.com

Date: 19 February

Venue: Grays@LCB Depot

Info Tel: 0116 261 6800

Entry: £5 advance or Pay what you want (£4)*

Twitter: @funnysuzyb

Door open: 8.55.pm

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