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BadShoes Film complete a 24 hour film challenge

By midlandsmovies, Sep 5 2015 07:49AM

Leicester’s Badshoes Film have a had a brilliant last few years with a number of projects and Summer 2015 is providing to be equally successful with new projects and festival favourite “Flawless” going from strength to strength.

“Flawless” has been covered by Midlands Movies before (click here) but has recently been chosen as part of the Official Selection at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York which takes place on 5th – 8th November. Aesthetica is a BAFTA-qualifying film festival which means that the film will now be entered into the BAFTAs ahead of their 9th November deadline. Midlands Movies passes on our wishes to all those involved and gives our best of luck to everyone for the competition.

Director Keith Allott has sent huge thanks to the cast and crew for their creativity and hard work on the film and says it wouldn't be here without them and their involvement.

However, Keith is not resting during this busy period for BadShoes as during the school summer holidays he was issued a challenge by young film-maker Jess O'Brien who is a student at the Pauline Quirke Academy and who was featured on our site earlier this year. - click here.

Setting Keith a gargantuan task, Jess asked if he could write, film and edit a short in just 24 hours. With the challenge accepted, it was Bill Newsinger who provided the phrase to build the film around - "All that glitters...”.

Keith explained that it turned out that you can make one and we have a link to the film below which stars Thomas, Jess and Emma O'Brien and a special guest appearance by furry friends Louie & Meg. Keith passes on his further big thanks to Liz Fowler who provided the masks.

Watch “Commander Amazing here:

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