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The Midlands Movies Awards is an annual awards ceremony for Midlands films and filmmakers. This 2nd annual event is planned to take place at Hansom Hall in Leicester on Saturday 3rd March 2018.




We're looking to consider a whole range of Midlands-centric films, so if your work fulfils the terms and conditions listed below then please submit your local film using the forms on this page. Work can be submitted in as many of the 16 categories as you like but please consider which ones best fit your film where possible. It is also important to confirm your regional (Midlands) connection for the film you are nominating.


The final nominations will be announced in January 2018 and winners announced at the ceremony in March 2018.




To tie in with the Academy Awards on the same weekend we hope these Midlands 'Oscars' will be a platform to honour the local films released in the past year – whether they be shorts, features, animation, documentaries and more.


The Midlands Movies Awards is brought to you by a group of film fans pooling the expertise of our volunteers whilst celebrating the creativity of artists and actors, and our collective passion for the movie community in the region.


After the success of our 2017 Awards, which were produced entirely online with an awards announcement video and certificates for the winners, Midlands Movies hopes to build upon that inaugural showcase in 2018. A more formal face-to-face event will also expand the scope of the Awards by allowing filmmakers an opportunity to celebrate their work whilst networking with their peers. As well as a great night out!


For further info and to submit a film click on the button above or the link below:



Midlands Movies 2018 Film Awards

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The Midlands Movies Awards would not of happened without the assistance of our extra special supporters:


Associate Producers:

* Kelly McCormack

* Peter Crellen


Official Supporters:

* Rachel Tonks Hill (& Sam Kurd) - Official Website

* Doug Cubin - The Fort Movie

* Bekki Harris - Flirty Bird Productions

* Luke Gosling - B305 Productions

* Dave Hastings - Lightbeam Productions

* John McCourt - Courtie Words Website


Please note supporters & sponsors have no bearing on nomination / award choices

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Meet the judges 2018 Midlands Movies Awards Panel

Awards Panel Member - Michael Sales

Michael Sales is the editor of Midlands Movies, an organisation who showcase a wide variety of talent from the region’s film industry. These range from first-time students to full feature productions and focuses on the skilled film creatives from the local area. A graduate in Media at DeMontfort University, Michael currently lives in Leicester where he organises bi-monthly cult-themed film screenings in conjunction with the city's Firebug Film Club.


Awards Panel Member - Rachel Devenport

Rachel Devenport has worked as a freelance film publicist for over 10 years, working on high profile campaigns for the likes of Disney, Paramount, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures and BAFTA. In recent years Rachel relocated to the Midlands and now splits her time between Birmingham and London. In the Midlands she has worked on comms campaigns in partnership with Flatpack Film Festival, the BFI and Film Birmingham, all with the aim of building a more thriving and connected film community in the region.


Awards Panel Member - Darryl Griffiths

Darryl Griffiths is a Film Studies graduate turned Movie Marker editor and reviewer, a website which was 'Highly Commended' for their work at the UK Blog Awards in 2016. Darryl is heavily involved with the only independent cinema in the Black Country, Light House Media Centre, which is based in Wolverhampton. Darryl is also a BIFA (British Independent Film Awards) Champion for the city of Birmingham, where they showcase the best in homegrown cinema each month.


Awards Panel Member - Kathy Frain

Kathy Frain has worked as a marketing manager in the independent cinema sector since 1997 and is currently based in the Midlands at QUAD, Derby’s centre for art and film. QUAD delivers an innovative and diverse cinema programme and also organises the Derby Film Festival.


Awards Panel Member - Kieran Chauhan

Kieran Chauhan is a film director and producer. Kieran runs Leicester-based film production company ImageNova, whose clients include Academy Award winning Cooke Optics. Kieran has worked in the film industry across narrative and documentary interviewing stars such as Danny Boyle and Andrew Lloyd Webber, and is currently developing factual/documentary television projects.


Awards Panel Member - Carrie Blake

Info coming soon

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